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Tech Blogs Knock Fox's Giant iPads
RUSH: The Shepard Smith new breaking news studio, have you seen this, Snerdley?  Fifty-five-inch looking iPad type screens.  Do you know they run Windows, Windows 8.  Those 55-inch -- now follow me -- those 55-inch, those mother monitors have a lower resolution than a 9.7-inch iPad.  A 9.7-inch iPad has more pixels than one of those 55-inch big mamas that Fox is using, just as a tech aside. 

Anyway, this blogger saw those things, "It looks typically phony just like all of Fox News." This guy's a blithering idiot, but in truth he's one of the most arrogant, condescending snarky guys you'd ever run into.  They all know so little, and they think they know so much, and I guarantee you these journalism students have the same attitude about Fox.  They're taught that from their professors, and this is where they get their news, AP, the usual suspects, plus Jon Stewart.  Except Fox.  But it was CNN Reliable Sources where I saw that and I wanted to source that for you.

NFL Drops Pink Flags
RUSH: I don't know how many of you've noticed, but the National Football League every October joins the effort to eliminate breast cancer by just throwing pink everywhere.  Pink shoes on the players, pink towels, pink wristbands.  It's a lot of pink out there.  They put pink on the field in various places, and on Sunday for the first time they used pink penalty flags.  And even the television networks televising NFL games when they graphically tell the audience a flag has been throne, that's usually in yellow.  Even they were using pink. 

I didn't know this.  I didn't know that they had added it.  I'm just watching the games, and I'm seeing all what I think are a bunch of towels all over the field. No, no, no, those are penalty flags. They've been calling penalties.  Anyway, the NFL has decided to pull back on the penalty flags.  They're not going to use them starting next week.  And for the same reason that happened to me, I didn't know when a flag was thrown or when somebody just dropped a towel out there. 

"Pink is no longer the new yellow in the NFL. The league won't use its pink penalty flags beyond Monday night's Jets-Falcons game. The pink flags were part of the NFL's 'A Crucial Catch' campaign in support of breast cancer awareness. Coupled with the players' pink equipment, especially their gloves and towels, the pink flags caused confusion among broadcasters, fans, players and coaches Sunday."

So, with the Thursday night game, the Giants and the Bears are gonna bring back yellow flags and we'll be back to some sense of normalcy.  What is the reaction to all of this pink in the NFL?  I mean clearly you can't miss it.  It clearly is raising awareness of whatever it represents.  I mean, people may not know breast cancer right off the bat. 


RUSH: Cory in Laurel Hill, Florida.  I've got about half a minute but I wanted to get to you because you've been on hold for so long.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I cannot believe I finally got through after 20 years.

RUSH:  Here you are, sir.

CALLER:  Yes, I am.  Listen, I have three points but I'll probably only be able to get to one of them.  The first one was that a term you coined years ago, symbolism over substance, the NFL with the pink and the pink and the pink and the pink.  That does nothing to cure breast cancer.  People looking at pink socks, pink flags or pink towels does nothing to cure breast cancer.

RUSH:  Right, but what is it doing?  What is it doing?

CALLER:  It does nothing!  If the NFL wanted to cure breast cancer, or help to cure breast cancer, they could donate some of the money that they make from the ticket sales or the advertising or whatever.

RUSH:  And they are.  They get money from you.  They are.  But I'll tell you what it is.  You just said it.  Symbolism over substance.  It's public relations.  They're trying to attract women to the games, to the market, and it's all about showing that they care and getting value from that.
Washington Wizards Owner Rips Newspapers
RUSH: Speaking of sports, NewsBusters has this. "Ted Leonsis, the owner of the NBA Washington Wizards as well as the NHL's Washington Capitals took a swipe at the newspaper industry in general and the Washington Post in particular today saying that the Post was 'not that important anymore' and that newspapers were based on antiquated business strategies.  Leonsis made those comments in an interview at George Washington University in DC when asked about his thoughts on the newspaper selling out to Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos."

Politico had the story.  "It’s almost like you have a family friend who has a drinking problem or a drug problem. The first thing you have to say to them is: they have to admit they have a drinking or drug problem. They have to say 'we’re not that important anymore and what we’ve been doing hasn’t been working.' This core model based on print isn’t going to work. ... If you said to the Post, like I did 10 years ago, 'You should be a platform, you should be embracing these bloggers and adding to your staff these virtual writers,' they said that these bloggers are not Washington Post-caliber people, they’re not journalists.  And I said, 'They’re not, they’re better,'" than what you have. 

One staffer at the Washington Post, Karen Tumulty, well-known liberal writer, fired back, taking Leonsis out of context, she wrote, "Leonsis urged #wapo to go digital & embrace bloggers? Why didn't WE think of this? Oh wait, we did." But what she missed is that the owner of the Wizards and the Capitals was referring to advice that he gave 10 years ago, not saying what he would do with papers now. 

But, anyway, it's just another example. I mean, here's a guy that in the old days you grovel when the newspaper guys show up.  You need 'em.  You need them for publicity, for promotion, coverage, PR, all of that.  And here's Leonsis, "You people, you're like relatives with a drug problem, and you're not relevant anymore.  You have to admit that you're not that important anymore.  Newspapers just aren't that important anymore."  I think it's a reality a lot of 'em know. 

Long Island School Bans Balls
RUSH: Port Washington, New York, from CBS Eyeball News.  "Worries about injuries at a Long Island school have led to a surprising ban. As CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan reported Monday, officials at Weber Middle School in Port Washington are worried that students are getting hurt during recess. Thus, they have instituted a ban on footballs, baseballs, lacrosse balls, or anything that might hurt someone on school grounds.

"Tossing a football during recess has long seemed to be a rite of passage for kids in the school community. 'I think we need the soccer balls, the footballs and everything, so we can have some fun,' one student said. But the students will have no such option anymore. They were just informed that during recess, football is out and Nerf ball is in." 'Cause that won't hurt anybody. 

"Hard soccer balls have been banned, along with baseballs and lacrosse balls, rough games of tag, or cartwheels unless supervised by a coach. Students were not thrilled about the news."  What do you think the students are gonna do?  That's exactly right.  The students are now, in reaction to this, they're going to invent games that use things other than balls.  You're gonna have some kids bring the balls anyway just for the passage of the rite of rebellion.  Cartwheels have been banned unless supervised by a coach?  I guarantee you, they won't have any problem finding a coach to supervise cartwheels. 

Mr. Snerdley has asked me over the IFB if it would be sexist to ask if a woman was involved in this ban.  Probably, yeah, but let me see.  Cartwheels and tag.  Students said, "Cartwheels and tag -- I think it’s ridiculous they are banning that. You go for recess -- that’s your free time to go let loose and recharge."  Mr. Snerdley, you have to be right, the Port Washington schools superintendent Kathleen Maloney said that -- (interruption) What are you blowing up for in there?  Don't you know, this was all coming.  I said this yesterday, I've said it a number of times.  Look, I've called it a bunch of different things, the chickification of our society.  There's another way to express what's happening here. There is an ongoing effort that is being led by women who I'm sure think they're well-intentioned, to try to remove as many vestiges of masculinity from our culture as they can, because it's considered brutish and predatory and dangerous and mean and all that. 

There's no question that there is a -- I wouldn't call it an all-out assault, but there's a steady, consistent effort here to remove masculinity from as much, particularly of young culture, as they can get away with.  I don't think there's any question about that.

Who Hasn't Mixed Up James Watt and Earl Butz?
RUSH: Earl Butz, remember him, the agriculture secretary for Nixon?  He was talking about the Nixon cabinet.  He said [sic], "We got a woman, we got a black, we got a Hispanic, we got this, all we need's a cripple and we got it covered," and they practically ran him out of town.  That's a quote, by the way.  He said it, not me.  He said, "All we need's a cripple and we got it," and they practically ran him out of town.  Earl Butz, father of the Butts Sisters.  He was one of the greatest cabinet secretaries of all time for entertainment. 


That was Wilbur Mills.  Fanne Foxe in The Fountain, Wilbur Mills.  Wilbur Mills was the kind of guy, when you looked at him and you saw him with Fanne Foxe, you thought that was not possible.  So it had to be money.  What was happening there, that just couldn't be.  So, anyway, I think that the fact that Condoleezza is a Republican is probably what's upsetting some of these PC junkies. 


RUSH:  Okay.  I gotta make a correction.  It was not Earl Butz who said, "And if we had a cripple we'd have the thing wrapped up."  It was James Watt in the Reagan administration who said that.  I've been corrected in my error a couple of times here.  Now I'm confused 'cause Butz did something.


RUSH:  Yeah, okay, that Butz story, I can't tell you what Butz said. I mean, even quoting Butz I'm not gonna tell you what he said.  It was during the Ford reelection campaign, he was the agriculture secretary.  He said it in private.  John Dean reported it. John Dean leaked it to Rolling Stone, didn't specifically name Butz, but it was attributed to Butz, B-u-t-z, Butz resigned.  There was no other possibility.  It was just that bad.  I always thought that it was Butz who had talked about the cabinet and if they just had a cripple, they'd have the whole thing perfectly PC, but that was James Watt in the Reagan years.  And he left. 

National Mall Opened for Amnesty Rally
RUSH: Now, this protest, this whatever it is that's going on on the National Mall, there are a number of top Democrats that are attending this demonstration.  Pelosi is out there, for example. 

Don't they know that our immigration laws are the law of the land?  What are they out there trying to change the immigration law for?  Our immigration laws don't need to be changed.  All they need to do is enforce them.  I thought the laws were sacrosanct.  I thought once the law was there, you didn't change it.  You didn't try to defund it or repeal it or any of that.  I mean, these immigration protesters ought to just shut up and accept that and get out of the park.  It's the law of the land.  Immigration, as it is, is already the law of the land, and it isn't amnesty. 

Well, that's what they're saying about our efforts to defund Obamacare.  Just shut up and go home.  It's the law of the land.  Who do you think you are?  But above and beyond that, the National Mall is off-limits to everybody except for a waiver that was granted to the pro-amnesty forces today to go out there and use the park, use the mall.  I'm just telling you, things like this get noticed and are seen.


Why can't World War II vets have a waiver?  I know.  It's a great question.  World War II vets are not allowed to go into the memorial even though they're at the end of their lives, it may be their only chance to see their memorial.  Why can't they go?  Because they're not a favored Obama group.  Letting the vets in does not advance the Democrat agenda.  Opening the mall up to immigration activists keeps immigration money flowing to the Democrat Party and advances their agenda.  I'm telling you, we've got somebody in a sound bite earlier today referred to this as a imperial presidency, and a lot of people have, and they're right.  It's exactly what this is. 


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