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Morning Update: Trifecta

Shock waves went through the hearts of elected liberals last month, when Colorado voters successfully recalled two Democrat state senators responsible for passing oppressive new gun control measures. Now voters are going for the trifecta.

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A Fed-Up Republican Donor

CALLER: I am what's called a major donor in the Republican Party... I had a congressman call me a couple of weeks ago asking me for money.  I said, "Have I ever told you 'no'?"  He said, "No, you haven't."  I said, "Well, today it's not 'no,' it's 'hell, no.'"

Cruz and Lee Have Already Succeeded

RUSH:  Cruz and Lee came along, and, in the process of trying to get what they wanted, were articulating conservatism for people.  I signed on immediately because, to me, it's about ideas.  But the delay people, I love 'em. I love 'em, too.  Same objective.  The point was to stop Obamacare.  There were arguments about how best to do it. 


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