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Pearls of Wisdom

"Rumors, unless they involve the Clintons and Vince Foster, we don't do them here."

"If the party that you support was actually engaged in pushing back every day and informing and educating and standing for something, you wouldn't feel lost. You wouldn't feel despondent. You wouldn't feel as though the deck's stacked and you don't have a chance." -

"The Media: George W. Bush was elected twice. Ronald Reagan was elected twice. They don't get everything they want. They can't make everybody love Obamacare. They still don't have their amnesty. And they've been trying like hell to get it. They're not winning everything. You've got to try to stay focused on the reality of things."

"This idea that Obama's universally loved and everybody loves Obamacare, that's a crock!"

"A successful business treats its best customers first, and does everything it can to hold onto them. The Republican Party is not doing that. The Republican Party is essentially trying to rid itself of its best customers because it doesn't like them."

"The American people are fed up with Washington. They're fed up with Obama. They're fed up with the Democrats. They're fed up with the Republicans. They're fed up with everything. Nothing works. The difference is the Democrats get away with good intentions."

"Polling is no longer a reflection of public opinion; polling is the creation of public opinion. Polling is an effort to manipulate and move public opinion."

"The Tea Party Republicans attempting to do what they were elected to do, attempting to represent what in the case of Obamacare is a majority opinion, that's taking things too far -- and thereby evidence is produced that this is a government which holds the people in contempt."

"Republican brand right now is really damaged. It's damaged to a point that there's specific things that are gonna have to happen for it to be fixed. The brand has been damaged over the years by what? Paid smear ads for one thing; indoctrination education; Hollywood; the pop culture; the Democrat Party with their allies in the media who cannot to this day even triumph in the arena of ideas. So they don't even go there."

"The media isn't the media. The media isn't news. The media isn't journalism. It's just the Democrat Party."

"We only hear about Republican donors being mad. The Democrat National Committee's broke. The Democrat National Committee does not have any money. We never hear about things like that."

"So the Republican brand is in tatters and the Republicans don't seem interested in fixing it, or at least their recipe for fixing it is to become Democrat lite."

"The American people are not in love with Obama. The American people are not in love with Obamacare. The media is, but the American people aren't."

"There is no better evidence against big government than what is happening with the rollout of Obamacare."

"The leaders of the Republican Party do not understand that it's not the Mike Lees and the Ted Cruzes and the Rush Limbaughs or whatever name of conservative you want to add into this list. That's not the problem with the Republican Party brand. I haven't lost an election yet, and I haven't run for one, either. But Ted Cruz wins elections. Mike Lee wins elections."


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