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Morning Update: Yes, You Can

Amnesty activists and eight Democrat lawmakers put on a performance, getting arrested in front of the adoring crowd  who chanted, "Let them go!" And, "Sí, se Puede!" -- "Yes, we can." The National Mall was opened by the Obama regime for illegals and their union accomplices.Veterans, meanwhile, got no such welcome.

Shutdown: Obama Wants to Inflict Pain

RUSH: He has rejected everything the Republicans have offered. They've played hardball. They've played softball. They've even tried giving him everything he wants, which has happened before, and he turns it down, because it's Obama who doesn't want an agreement. Not as long as he's got the media in his back pocket and everything they think bad happening can be blamed on the Republicans.

What Does Barack Obama Know About Droughts and Crop Failures?

RUSH: This guy from the LA Times who has this piece about me:  "Sure, political entertainers like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity have built very lucrative careers by bashing government day in and day out. But, in their pampered lives, they have never had to see crops wither in a drought or farmland swamped by a flood or a herd of cattle perish in a snowstorm." A, I have seen droughts.  Many of them.  I grew up in the Midwest!  Does Obama know anything about crop failure?  What does Obama know about anything?  

Standing with Our Veterans is Crazy?

RUSH: Everybody's asking what were Ted Cruz and Palin doing showing up over there? The real question is how in the name of Sam Hill does this happen in the United States? How in the world does the National Mall get shut down to World War II vets but opened to illegal aliens to have an amnesty rally? 

Forbes: Obamacare Glitches are Intentional

RUSH: It's hard to say what would be the big news of the day.  I think for me one of the biggest stories is the Forbes piece that we ended up getting about 2:00 p.m. Eastern time, an hour ago, that the information technology people that put together Obamacare purposely structured all of these glitches in order to keep certain people from finding out what this is going to cost them. 


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