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Pearls of Wisdom

"There is no way that we will default on paying our bills unless Obama simply refuses to pay, because we have the money coming in. The service on the debt every month is about $18 billion, and tax revenue changes every month, but on average it's $200 to $225 billion of tax revenue coming in. A lot. We've got more than enough money."

"Snerdley just asked me if I'm going to allow the government to open this week. I don't have that power, either, although it's fun to pretend."

"One day the food stamp cards don't work. One day. Imagine what's going to happen not when people can't get signed up at the exchange. Imagine what will happen if one day they are not able to go to the doctor and get treated because the computer system is shut down and the doctor can't treat and the doctor can't prescribe."

"I'm not living off of anybody, including the government.'

"How in the world does the National Mall get shut down to World War II vets but opened to illegal aliens to have an amnesty rally?"

"There is no economic recovery. People are losing their ability to buy homes, and when they have the ability, you've got a situation like you describe where the government walks away from it and takes away the opportunity."

"The government does not do these wonderful things, they cannot make these wonderful things happen, people make wonderful things happen."

"Oh, my god! They're not even talking! No! It's a catastrophe! The leaders in Washington are not even talking! And, of course, people in America cannot go through the day without the government."

"We have more than enough to pay off the interest on the debt every month. There's no reason for a default... unless Obama directs the Treasury secretary not to make the payments."

"Look at these assumptions people make. 'Obama, the Democrats, oh, they're Mr. and Mrs. Sensitive! Oh, they know everything. They're aware of everything, and because of that, they know how important government is.' I've lived during droughts. I've lived during crop failure. I grew up in Southeast Missouri."

"I don't care whether they're nominally conservative or full-boat conservative or full-boat liberal Democrat. Everybody that lives and breathes inside the Beltway, of course -- that's the center of their universe -- and whatever happens there is the only thing that's happening. It's the only thing of any importance."

"Here you have real life -- a real-life blizzard, a real-life disaster -- happening to South Dakota ranchers, and the government can't do anything about it. And, if there weren't a shutdown, they wouldn't be able to do anything about it. They weren't able to rebuild New Orleans. They still haven't rebuilt parts of New Jersey and New York after the hurricane there. They just can't."


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