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Heritage Chart Illustrates Higher Health Insurance Premiums After Obamacare


RUSH: Right here my formerly nicotine-stained fingers. It prints out perfectly on one page.  I will show it to you. Yep.  I'll show it to you there on the Dittocam.  That's what it looks like.  What it does, is state by state it tells you what your health insurance premiums were before Obamacare and the exchanges, what they will be after (i.e., when you go there), and what percentage change it is for an adult age 27, an adult age 50, and a family of four.  Now, I'm gonna show you this. 

If you look at the colors, the bright orange and the next faded orange represent states -- and I want you to take a look at the column on the left as I show it to you, because that's for age 27.  Up 100% is solid bright orange; up 51% to 99% is the next shade of orange for age 27, the Millennials, state by state.  Right here where my index finger is.  I don't have time to zoom.  I don't know how well the colors are actually transfer here.  But do you see all of that color? 

Right there by my index finger -- the whole column, top to bottom -- that color stands for massive increases in premium costs for 27-year-olds, the average Millennial age. Those are the supposedly healthy, who earn a decent income, whose premiums are going to skyrocket in order to pay for the insurance and treatment and coverage for nanaw and granpaw and freeloaders and whoever else.  I'll get into details with the numbers, too. 

You could call me state by state; I can tell you.  There's one state where the prices are gonna go down, one state.  It's New York.  That's because the state and Obamacare mandates there are in place.  There's a convoluted reason for it.  It's temporary.  It's gonna balloon everywhere.  But the increases are anywhere from 71 to a 100% in that age-group in many of the states. Government's open again, folks! Government's open so we can all just... I learned this from the Republican establishment. 

We can just sit back now and wait for the government to collapse on its own.



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