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Goodies for Washington in Budget Deal
RUSH:  Did you know, ladies and gentlemen, that there's all kinds of pork in the deal? There are all kinds of hidden goodies in there.  Do you know federal workers get a pay raise in January under the deal, and these people are also getting their Obamacare subsidized?  Not all federal workers. Members of Congress and their staff.  That's still the case.  I mean, the Obamacare subsidies will be paid to congressional staff. 

Federal workers, the poor people who were laid off for two weeks, had to sit around starving and thirsty and, "Gee, they couldn't go anywhere, couldn't buy anything." It was really bad for two weeks out there, but they're gonna get compensated and get a pay raise, federal workers will in January.  Of course, you pay for that, folks. 

AP Laugher: Relief Around World
RUSH: From the Associated Press: "Relief Around the World as US Avoids Debt Default."  Relief around the...? Next story, Reuters: "Dollar Slides as Relief at US Debt Deal Fades." (chuckles) I don't know.  Look, you've gotta be able to laugh at some of this stuff, and this is the absolute incompetence of the media. Forget whether it's bias or anything else. It's just under incompetence.

Same thing with Obama, folks.  Here's one thing: At dinner last night, I was talking to some people about this, and we went back and forth like I'm sure you all do when you go to dinner. You're talking to people. "Why don't the Republicans do X? Why don't they accuse Obama of what he's actually doing, attacking the Constitution?"

A friend of mine said, "To hell with that! I don't even have to go there.  Why don't they just stand up and talk about how incompetent the guy is?  He's not doing anything right.  Let's give him the benefit of the doubt for the sake of persuasion and say, 'He's trying to be a good president; he's screwing it up royally!' Why don't they even say that?"

Obama Bought Off Big Biz
RUSH: Let me expand just a little bit here on this note that I got from somebody, a friend of mine, who's really upset as a lot of us are that Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, the Tea Party, various blogs some at Fox News, although not many, and those of you on talk radio being ripped, being criticized as responsible for this damage being done the Republican brand.  This guy pointed out to me, "Okay, so here's Obama, and in order to lessen the pain of the real deal, he delays the employer mandate for a year.

"So employers do not have to provide health care insurance, but the individual mandate remained -- meaning, we've all gotta get it or pay a fine, but our employer, which is the place people get their insurance, that mandate was waived for a year, and so Big Business can tell people, 'Sorry, we're not providing health care anymore.  You know, you're on your own,' and that, of course, is by design.  It sends people to the exchanges, which ratchets down the entitlement."  This guy says, "You know, here's Big Business, they take their payoff and they just sat on the sidelines during all. 

"They sat on the sidelines, and they're feeling no pain whatsoever.  They stood on the sidelines while, as conservatives, were fighting for the little guy -- their customers, by the way. With Big Business on the sidelines, Republicans sat on their hands," and this talk about Obama's incompetence, in this sense it's genius.  He bought off the opposition.  He gives employers a year's delay on their requirement to provide insurance, and they sat around, and they rubbed their hands and glee and said, "Hey, you know, this is fun! This doesn't involve us. No pain for us," while everybody else got pounded.

I understand the point. 

Yale Professor: Tea Partiers Better at Science
RUSH: Here's a fascinating piece about a Yale professor from the Independent Journal Review (whatever that is): "Yale Professor's Surprising Discovery," wait for it: "Tea Party Supporters are More Scientifically Literate," and this Yale professor couldn't believe it.  It's his own study.  It's his research, and when he got the results, he couldn't believe it, and they made him mad.  He writes about it. 

Yale Law professor Dan M. Kahan was conducting an analysis of the scientific comprehension of various political groups when he ran into a shocking discovery: Tea Party supporters are slightly more scientifically literate than the non-Tea Party population. When composing histograms of the scientific inference abilities of liberals and conservatives, he discovered that those who described themselves as Tea Party supporters came out pretty well, based on National Science Foundation standards of evaluation.

"The shift to the right on the gray columns..." I hate this.  I don't have the chart.  I wouldn't bother showing it to you.  Charts don't work on the radio.  Let's sum it up for you.  "In other words, Tea Party members appear to be slightly, but solidly more scientifically literate than non-Tea Party members. In fact, Tea Party members tend to be more scientifically literate than other self-described conservatives, who have slightly negative scores, overall.

"These findings should give both liberal and GOP establishment types pause over their caricatures of Tea Party constituents." The reaction that this guy got, it says here, was "remarkable."  Here's how he described it, the Yale professor who did the study.  He says, "I’ve got to confess, though, I found this result surprising. As I pushed the button to run the analysis on my computer, I fully expected I’d be shown a modest negative correlation between identifying with the Tea Party and science comprehension.

"But then again, I don't know a single person who identifies with the Tea Party.  All my impressions come from watching cable TV -- and I don’t watch Fox News very often -- and reading the ;paper; (New York Times daily, plus a variety of politics-focused internet sites like Huffington Post & Politico). I’m a little embarrassed, but mainly I’m just glad that I no longer hold this particular mistaken view."

Here's a Yale professor watching cable TV, reading the New York Times, thinks X of the Tea Party: Racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, lunatic, extremists, dangerous, out of control, probably spittle dripping, missing the two front teeth, gun rack in the pickup on the way to church Saturday night for a good parking space as they pray to the Lord for anti-abortion belief. 

That's what he thought of 'em, and then he finds out they know more about science than anybody else that he surveyed, and he couldn't believe it.  Then he had to say to himself, "I realized, I don't know a single one of 'em, and I don't know anybody else who knows a single one of 'em!  All I know about 'em is what I've been told."  So a Yale professor, for whatever it's worth here, discovers he's been misled and lied.  I guess it's a good thing he went ahead and reported this. 

He could have buried it.

He could have been a good liberal professor and just put it in a drawer. 

Well, left it on Dropbox so nobody could see it.

But he reported it. 


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