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"This Obamacare Stack today is what tells me that the Regime is going to have to do something here, because the exchanges aren't ready, the two model states -- Vermont and Maryland -- are delayed and nowhere near ready. All the fraud that's setting in, they may have to delay this thing. I don't want to predict that and get people's hopes up, but this isn't working. It can't work. It's an outright disaster."

"I wonder if Judy Miller has heard of Saul Alinsky and his book Rules for Radicals which was dedicated to Lucifer, "the first radical." I wonder if she's aware that Obama is a disciple."

"Obama's an angry guy. He's got a chip on his shoulder."

"Ted Cruz and Mike Lee did win elections, and they won elections because of specific elements of their campaigns, and they campaigned on the promise to oppose Obamacare. And so they get down and they did what they could to stop it. They did exactly what they were elected to do. They did get elected. They did try to stop Obamacare."

"Obama employs the media in a mass campaign to destroy the reputations and the characters of his opponents."

"Obama's mad Cruz and Lee exists. He's mad they're there. He's ticked off that when they lose, they don't understand that they're supposed to just slink away, act embarrassed, beg forgiveness, and resign."

"Most liberals I know do not consider themselves to even be liberals. They just think of you and me as conservatives, and that means, therefore, we're odd and we're kooks and maybe extreme and maybe mean. They think that they are utterly, totally normal, that there is nothing biased about them, nothing ideological about them at all. They talk about 'tolerance,' they talk about being 'open to opposing points of view,' but they aren't. They don't want to hear it."

"I wish I had known at 14 how liberals are and how they think"

"The liberals have taken over and monopolized the education system. They learn how to indoctrinate and propagandize students whose minds are young and fluid, not made up on things and very impressionable. It's sad."

"I wonder if liberal kids call liberal talk shows and ask how to get along in a conservative teacher's class? No. No. It doesn't happen, 'cause there's no thought of getting along."

"Is the Washington establishment so unified that there aren't really that many differences between two parties in this sense, that they're all oriented toward big government and getting their piece of it and having their job in it, getting their power from it? It would appear to be that that may be true."

"The Washington establishment, look at how many people feed off of, live off of every aspect of government.  I mean, they literally live off it, and I'm not talking about warfare recipients.  I'm talking about people that live in that town, that work in ancillary businesses. It's all about government, and that's where all the money is collected."

"I get so ticked at conservatives in the media for bailing out and going soft on liberalism, in the name of intellectual understanding or whatever gunk."

"Ted Cruz isn't the problem, just like the United States isn't the problem; it's the solution.  Ted Cruz is the solution. He and Lee, what they're fighting for, that's the solution."

"They may have to delay Obamacare.  I don't want to predict that and get people's hopes up, but this isn't working.  It can't work.  It's an outright disaster, and now people are learning about what their costs are gonna be, and a lot of 'em thought it was gonna be free or cheaper." 


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