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A Rousing Pre-Endorsement for Rush Revere


RUSH: Navarre, Ohio, and Patty.  Great to have you.  You're up first today.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hello.  What I wanted to see is I can't thank you enough for the children's book.  I have your two books, and my granddaughter has read some.  She's 15, but I love the children's books. You know, our children are just like lost out there, and I'm --

RUSH:  Patty, you haven't even seen the book yet.

CALLER:  Well, no, but I've ordered like 20 of 'em, and most of those will be gifts to young people.


RUSH:  Well, God bless you, but, I mean, you're giving us a rave review on the book, and you haven't read it yet.

CALLER:  It doesn't matter, because I have your two other books, and I'm a hairdresser, I've been in business almost 40 years, I'm 64 years old, and for some reason I feel like I'm the pied piper. All these young under 18-year-old kids attach themselves to me, and I got a little girl about 12 years old, and she just loves me, and she said, "I asked my teacher if you can come and talk to our class," but I have to tell you, I'm not a good speaker, so the book can do the work for me.

RUSH:  Well, you know, I hope it helps.  I really do.  What she's talking about, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims, which comes out October 29th.  We have set a record, short of Harry Potter, that's nonfiction, of pre-orders for this book.  Excitement is just building out there and people are waiting with great anticipation for this.  It's one week from today when the book comes out, and I know it's gonna help you because it's just truth, it's truth of American history, the founding, the Pilgrims, for young people.



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