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Morning Update: Homeless Alone

The plight of homeless families isn’t front-page news. There are no crying TV-talk-show hostesses interviewing homeless children. Poor, homeless children, whose only wish is to have their own bed to lay their heads down at night, next to the stuffed animal that keeps them company, as they sleep on outdoor grates on cold, rainy nights.

To get that kind of coverage, we’d have to have a Republican in the White House.


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Barack Obama's Stone-Cold Lies

RUSH: Folks, it's time for some hard truths here.  Barack Obama and his minions are recklessly manipulating and deceiving the entire private health insurance industry.  What has happened and what is happening to the best health care system ever developed in the history of man is more than a shame.  It is simply outrageous. 

Siri, You're Confused -- But Cute

RUSH: Siri, thanks for the call.  You live in Freeport, Illinois, and I'm glad you're there. I'm glad you had the chance to have it straightened out and learn the truth here about the fact that it's not me who hates big business.  I'm one of the biggest proponents of business, period, but small business especially, 'cause that's where 75% -- in a normal non-Obama economy -- that's where 75% of job creation and jobs, anyway, are.


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