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"Folks, we're living the movie 'Idiocracy.' We're in the middle of it."

"What has happened and what is happening to the best health care system ever developed in the history of man is more than a shame. It is simply outrageous. And it is being done purposefully and with a level of deceit that is apparent to anybody who wants to be open enough to admit it and to see it."

"There are a lot of people alive today, a lot of people getting well today because of the best health care system the world has ever seen, and it is being toyed with and torn down and rebuilt and restructured and dismantled and made worse by a bunch of political hacks."

"Will the American taxpayer foot the bill for the destruction of the health insurance industry that started when the first dollar was spent on this quicksand website? There has been stone-cold lying about readiness. Nobody -- I don't care who they are -- is this stupid."

"The lure of being close to power is really seductive for a lot of people, so much so that they will deny the reality right in front of their face."

"Obama's stimulus didn't do anything except stimulate the government. Obama's stimulus took money away."

"No one's been fired because of Fast and Furious. Nobody's been fired because of the IRS targeting of the Tea Party. No one's been fired over Benghazi. Four Americans were killed there. But a White House national security official fired for tweeting under a fake name and saying embarrassing things about the regime."

"Let me tell you, everything in this country is not about Barack Obama. And the people of this country are getting fed up with being told through the prism of every news story is how does this affect Barack Obama? How will this affect his legacy? How will this make Obama feel? How will this make him look? Who cares, if he didn't care enough to stay involved in this to know what was happening with it?"

"I was really lucky that my time on earth happened to coincide with the level of medical and technological advancement that hearing loss could be recovered with something called a cochlear implant."

"Liberalism is nothing but failures."

"Vice President Cheney, who is going hunting this weekend in the wilds of Wyoming, with live ammo. He's actually gonna take a real gun and actually go real hunting. I thought you leftists would like to hear that."

"How is a system gonna work when the doctor doesn't get paid, when the pharmacy doesn't get paid, and the patient doesn't think he or she has to pay? How does that work? And the answer is, it can't."


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