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Morning Update: Intentional

General Ray Odierno told the gathering that, in the last six months, the US Army hasn’t conducted any training. The military is suffering intentionally. National security is vulnerable. And Obama has three years left to inflict even more damage on the country.

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Obama is So Incompetent, He Couldn't Properly Build a System Designed to Fail

RUSH: You have to design an absolute failure, and they've done that.  But the one thing they screwed up, in order for the government to be the outpost of solution and salvation, the blame for the screw up cannot go to government.  It's gotta go to everybody else: doctors, hospitals, insurance companies, Republicans.  And everybody's blaming government.  

Spokeskid Carney: We Didn't Do More Testing Because Single Mothers with Breast Cancer are Waiting for Health Insurance

RUSH: There's nobody in this administration who's ever lived in what you and I know to be the real world.  They're academics or journalists. They live and work in enclaves where everybody is all alike, thinks alike, lives alike, earns about the same amount of money.  And, as such, they tell each other they're brilliant and smart, and they have no idea what they're doing.  


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