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US Welfare State Explodes
RUSH: The Weekly Standard has story today: "New research from the Republicans on the Senate Budget Committee shows that over the last five years, the US has spent about $3.7 trillion on welfare."  The last five years.  There are 80 different means-tested poverty and welfare programs and 49.2% of the people in this country now receive some kind of government benefit.  Forty-nine percent is known as the tipping point, too. 

If Obamacare gets fully implemented, we're gonna have tipped way beyond the tipping point of 49%, which is why Obamacare's so vital to Democrat Party future.  You know, I remember in the nineties, there used to be a statistic, and I cited it often when talking about the failure of the welfare state since the Great Society was birthed in 1964. And the numbers basically were that from 1964 to, say, 1995 over $5 trillion had been transferred from producers to welfare recipients.  The statistic was used to illustrate that it didn't matter, because the percentages of people in poverty hadn't changed.  The percentage of people below the poverty line in 1964 was identical to what it was in 1995 and '97 and '98.  It's around 14%.  Despite all of that money, it didn't reduce poverty. 

Now, this number is staggering: 3.7 trillion on welfare in the last five years in the Obama administration.  Now, 90 million Americans aren't working. They're all eating. They've got cell phones. They've got flat screens and automobiles, and some of them have air-conditioning.  Yesterday we had the news that 15% of young people 16 to 24 are not in school and not working.  This is not a foundation on which a great country builds a future.  It just isn't.  This is what troubles all of us.  We are opposed to welfare because it destroys people.  It robs them of their own humanity.  It robs them of their dignity.  Not the people who really need it, but 90 million Americans do not need welfare. 

We have an economy, if you get people like this out of it, we have an economy that can provide a standard of living for a great percentage of that 90 million not working that is a better and higher standard of living than they are getting on welfare.  That's what's been remarkable, exceptional, if you will, about this country.  That it has had such a booming economy, just a robust entrepreneurial free market spirit economy that it has been able to produce a standard of living the world has never seen.  And it's sustained that.  And the rule was that every generation's standard of living would increase.  That's been arrested now with the Obama administration. 

Folks, you're not gonna have a growing economy with $3.7 trillion spent on welfare in five years.  From '64 to '95, five trillion.  Just unbelievable.  And, by the way, the 3.7 trillion is not even the entire amount spent on federal poverty support.  The states contribute more than $200 billion every year to the federal amount, primarily in the form of low income health care.  And then the census, 49% of Americans get government benefits.  This is the Democrat Party at work.  This is exactly what they intend the country to look like.  The Democrat Party is the author.  The Democrat Party loves this.  The Democrat Party wants a welfare state.  They want an expanding welfare roll. 

And we don't have the money.  Add that to the mix.  We don't have the money.  The people who are getting the money have no legitimate claim to it.  We don't have the money to be doling out in ways that are not productive.
German Economy on March
RUSH: On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, however, it's a different story.  Unemployment is set to hit 6.9% this year and fall to 6.8% next year, far below the 12% reported by the euro zone at large, this according to the German economy ministry's autumn forecast.  The German forecast said that their economy would add 235,000 jobs this year, another 180,000 jobs next year.  These are record numbers of jobs for Germany. 

Germany is producing a record number of jobs.  Look what happens. I don't know if it's safe to say that Merkel is a thorough, through-and-through conservative, but she's not a commie babe.  I'm proud of this.  You know, I've got German and Dutch heritage here.  You know, the Obama regime, do you know they're bugging Angela Merkel's phone calls?  I hope to hell they're listening to what she's talking about.  Germany, massive, record job creation.  America, a trail of tears.  Countries all over the world are trending now back toward the right, toward conservatism.
DC Media Sees Everything Through Prism of Obama
RUSH: Do you know why the Democrats need Obamacare to work?  I got it right here in TheHill.com.  You know why?  Take a stab. Why do the Democrats need Obamacare? Now, I want you to think about this.  I would love for somebody -- actually, you might get the answer to this, given it's TheHill.com. 

So I got it right here in TheHill.com, strategy is forming.  Democrats need Obamacare to work or what?  See, I love this.  This is exactly what I mean.  Who are we talking about here?  Okay, got TheHill.com, that's Democrats who write stories allegedly in the news media, okay?  You have Obama, Democrat leader, president.  Where's the Hill?  It's in Washington.  Where's Obama?  Washington.  It's the same enclave.  They live together. They've educated together. They play together. They swap wives, whatever they do, all together, same grocery stores, barbecues. They never have contact with anybody outside their own tribe, if you will.

So, were I to look at this, Democrats need Obamacare to work.  What's the main reason, do you think?  The Democrats need Obamacare to work or they will lose the advantage gained against the Republicans from the shutdown.  Nowhere in this story does it say Democrats need Obamacare to work so that people have health insurance.  Nowhere does it say Democrats need Obamacare to work so that people will be treated for medical problems.  Nowhere in this story does it talk about the real purpose, ostensibly, of health care reform, and that's the people! 

No!  It's all about Obama.  They better get this working, otherwise they're gonna lose the advantage gained against the Republicans in the shutdown.  That's all that's tied up here? That's all that's on the line?  And it is.  This is the point.  They claim to care about the people.  They claim to have all this compassion for the little guy.  It's not even in their thought.  The little guy, health care, actual health care and insurance, not even in their thoughts.  They are panicked right now about the politics of this.  They're the ones that everything's an agenda item, everything is about moving the agenda forward.  Nothing is really about the people and compassion or what it supposedly is really about. 

You would think that the main reason to get Obamacare working is to get it working, for the people.  That's why they said they did it.  The uninsured, the overcharged, the ripped off, the untreated.  And all it ever was was a item to advance the -- I know you know this.  I'm just illustrating.  It's a great opportunity here to illustrate.  Now, a strategy needs a template.  And the template that has been created is that the Obamacare website failure investigation is simply an opportunity to portray the Republicans as a bunch of hecklers.  The Democrats have devised a strategy that says the Republicans don't even want it to work.  But the Democrats are not talking about it working so that it works.  They're just trying to come up with some illusion that it's working so they don't lose their political advantage. 

One wish I've always had, if I could just wave a wand and have everybody see the Democrats for who they are. That they're political, that they're ideological, that everything is about advancing their agenda.  That the people are just pawns in this game. That it's not about the people. It's not about helping people. Those are just the tricks that are used to facilitate the illusion.
McEnroe on Wussification of Sports
RUSH: "Feminism Has Made Women Less Happy -- Blogger and publisher Gavin McInnes lashed out at a University of Miami law professor on a HuffPost Live discussion about the meaning of masculinity."  They actually did that at the Huffing and Puffington Post.  They had a live discussion about the meaning of masculinity, 'cause there's an attack on it.  You know, I touched on the edges of this yesterday.  The football coach and the team that ran up the 91-to-nothing score and they accused the team of bullying, and the coach said, "No, no, I held 'em back.  It coulda been 150-to-nothing if I'da let 'em go," and so forth. 

So Fox & Friends this morning, they dragged John McEnroe in, and they wanted to know from him if he thought that there was not an attack, but assaults, something on masculinity and male sports going on in the country.  I didn't hear his answer.  I didn't have the volume up, but I saw him as a guest on there.  I don't know if there's any question.  You don't put the NFL in pink for a month otherwise.
Philip Rivers Bashed for Seventh Child with His Wife
RUSH: I got my first nominee for, you know, we have Fatherhood Awareness Month. Philip Rivers, the quarterback of the San Diego Chargers, I had this story yesterday.  I don't have it in front of me now, I don't need it, don't everybody send me 15 copies of it. I'm just gonna tell you about it.  Phillip Rivers, his seventh child is on the way, had a child every two years.  When one gets out of diapers, they have another, he and his wife, by design.  Philip Rivers loves kids.  Philip Rivers and his wife love a big family. 

He is being ripped to shreds.  The story that talked about this lamented the fact that the world is gonna have that much Philip Rivers DNA running around in it.  What business does he have having seven kids and then it turned to his wife, what the hell is he doing to his wife, forcing her to stay home and raise the kids while he's out playing football and so forth. It was the most amazing thing.  It was ripping into Phillip Rivers and his wife for daring to have seven kids.  The thing is, he knows every one of their names. 

What's this guy Cromartie for the Jets who has 10 kids with eight women?  There was another player that I had forgotten about also named in this story, Travis Henry, I think that was his name.  Eleven kids, 10 different women. Antonio Cromartie, 12 kids, eight women.  He's the one who couldn't name them on HBO's Hard Knocks.  Nobody's got a problem with that because single parenthood, that's virtuous for some cockeyed reason.  But this was a story that was really vicious about Rivers. 

And Fatherhood Awareness Month, I mean, that's something we were gonna get behind. The symbol was gonna be either a punctured condom or a canceled child support check. By definition we probably couldn't find one, so we'd have to create a facsimile of it.  I was gonna propose it to the NFL, you know, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Fatherhood Awareness, 'cause there's apparently a lot of unaware fathers running around. But Philip Rivers is not one of 'em. 

Anyway, I don't think there's any question, folks, that there is an attack on masculinity.  And it's not new.  Basically the modern era of feminism, that's what it is, is a critique against masculinity.  Men are predators. They can't be trusted with their daughters. They're brutes. They're violent.  We had that fake story that group put out that wife abuse skyrockets on Super Bowl Sunday, which was a total lie, just a totally made-up story. 

There's no question that it happens.  The chickification of everything is taking place and people say, "What is that? Rush, what do you mean?"  It means that feelings are triumphing over common sense.  Feelings and emotion are triumphing over thinking about things.  We're doing everything for feeling.  That's how you get, "Well, we can't do that if it's gonna offend anybody."  Do you realize how little would have been done in the world if everything that offended somebody was halted?  Yet that's where we are. 

If somebody says they're offended by something it's gotta stop.  Even if 200 million people like it and one person's offended, we have to have feelings for the one who's offended, and having feelings is what gives us our humanity, and that's what gives us our dignity is having solidarity with the one who's feeling offended. It's happening at news networks. It's happening at magazines. It's all over the media, everywhere, and men and women are different, and it's gonna have an impact.
Feminists: Steak Houses are Outposts of Misogyny
RUSH: This is from Campus Reform. I like this website.  This is a website that's starting to document some of the wacko stuff that's happening on college campi out there.  "A California college has invited a speaker to teach students that eating meat is misogynistic."  It used to be that eating meat contributed to global warming.  McDonald's and other beef producers and consumers were contributing to global warming.  You know why? 

If you're too young to remember, I'll tell you how the thinking went on that.  Cattle graze, and then they fart, they expel gas, methane.  And methane destroys the environment.  So if we weren't eating meat, there would be less cattle and there would be less methane and the world would be a better place.  And they believe it.  There are true believers who believe this crap.  It was an assault on global warming.  That didn't work, so now eating meat is anti-woman.  Eating meat is part of the War on Women. 

And this lecture, this actual lecture at the University of Redlands is called "The Sexual Politics of Meat," and it's another illusion of how the left politicizes everything that they do.  "A California college has invited a speaker to teach students that eating meat is misogynistic, and that our society degrades fish because 'we don't view them as individuals.' ... The lecture will explore the 'relationship between patriarchal values and meat eating by interweaving the insights of feminism, vegetarianism, animal defense, and literary theory,' according to the official website of the speaker, Carol J. Adams.

"The lecture will be based on a book she wrote by the same name, which explores 'the hidden connections between meat eating and patriarchy, between vegetarianism and feminism.' Harvard University hosted Adams in 2010, and she taught students the 'parallels between the consumption of meat and misogyny,' and 'referred to male bonding in steakhouses or at barbecues as examples of a culture of male-dominant consumption of meat and women,' according to an article in the Harvard Crimson, the school's official newspaper.  According to the article, Adams also told students she was upset by the 'degradation of fish.  We have treated fishes as a mass term "fish" and we don’t view them as individuals,' she said."

She's decided that because we use fish to describe them in plural rather than fishes.  We don't say cow to describe cows, but we do use cattle to describe many head of cattle.  Anyway, the woman's a wacko.  But she's lecturing your kids at places that charge $40,000 a year, that going to a steakhouse is an attack on women.  That going to a barbecue and eating meat is an attack on women.  That fish are being disrespected by our society 'cause we don't treat them as individuals. 

Oh, tailgate parties at football games, I mean, you may as well just hang a cage over and put 'em all in jail right there.  I used to laugh, I'm still laughing, but 20 years ago I thought the whole country would be laughing and ridiculing, and instead these people end up with tenured professorships. They end up teaching this bile, and they inculcate this stuff into your kids' skulls as they are 19 and 20, and they come out of school all confused and believing this thing, thinking that they're on the cutting edge of some new kind of philosophy.  They're being turned into lunatics. 

A steakhouse, an outpost of women hate, an outpost of discrimination, an outpost of anti-feminism. Steakhouses, the headquarters of the War on Women.  That's right, steakhouses are like golf courses.  Steakhouses, men go there, big men, they eat, they burp, who knows whatever else. They drink, and some of them, yeah, like their steak raw.  It's uncivilized, it's barbaric, it's caveman, and that's where they get the idea of dragging women around by the hair is in the steakhouse, and then at the barbecue, the tailgate or whatever. 

And this woman -- you know, can't meat just be food, and sex?  Can't it just be meat is food and sex?  Why does it all have to be all this stuff?  Why does everything have to be corrupted into some sort of cockamamie, lunatic, insane political agenda?
CBS Breaks Story on Obamacare Website Deception
RUSH: A couple of interesting little tidbits hear, speaking of glitches.  CBS News has reported that there's a new browse-and-shop button or feature added to the Obamacare website on Sunday.  This new browse-and-shop feature has been telling some people that their premiums are going to be half of what they will actually turn out to be.  In other words, the premiums are gonna be double what they're being told.  And I'm not so sure that that's an accident with these people. 

We could chalk it up to just further incompetence, but they could also be trying to hoodwink a bunch of people into signing up as quickly as possible, and then what are they gonna do when they say, "Well, you know what, it's actually gonna be twice what we told you?"  Oh, really?  This is not some company you can walk away from and say, "Screw you, I'll go somewhere else."  This is the government.  You don't tell them "screw you."  So I don't rule out that that's on purpose.  Let a bank try that with a mortgage, lure you in, gonna give you a mortgage of 5% and lure you in, sign the paper.  Oh, guess what, just went to 10.  Think of it as an intricately woven web of deceit from the beginning and you'll be closer to understanding what's happening with it day to day than otherwise. 


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