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Morning Update: Didn't Know

Obama said he didn’t know. He never knows. He didn’t know his Obamacare website was broken. Didn’t know his IRS was targeting conservatives. Didn’t know about Benghazi, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, or anything else. There’s nothing to see here. We told you already. Obama didn’t know.

Dems Doomed the Country with Stupidity!

RUSH: You're damn right I'm mad! For five years we have been telling people the truth about Obamacare on this show and elsewhere. For five years! You know what?  The problem is, these people own it.  I have no sympathy for 'em, but the fact of the matter is they have doomed this country with their stupidity, with their blind loyalty and their stupid hatred of conservatives drummed up by a media that knows what it's doing.  

Obama Doesn't Know Jack

RUSH: Obama doesn't know anything about Benghazi.  He doesn't know anything about Fast and Furious.  He didn't know anything about Syria.  He didn't know anything about Obamacare.  Didn't know anything about the NSA.  He didn't know anything about Solyndra.  He didn't know anything about how the stimulus was gonna go wrong.  He didn't know diddly-squat.  


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