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Pearls of Wisdom

"My only question is, does Obama know that he is president? Has somebody at least told him that?"

"Do you realize we're being led and governed by genuinely stupid people, folks? If everything we're being asked to believe today is really true, then we're beig governed by sheer idiocy no matter where we turn."

"I am convinced that all conservatives know a statist and a big-government redistributionist when they see one."

"If you don't get who Obama is, then what must you think of Pelosi, and what must you think of Harry Reid, or Bill Clinton?"

"Oh, do you know Obama didn't know the NSA was spying? He doesn't know jack, folks. Obama doesn't know jack. He doesn't know anything, and he's really opposed to it when he finds out."

"I don't know how anybody on our side, but there were a lot of them, who either refused to or didn't see who Obama is. We got Woodrow Wilson incarnate, or FDR incarnate. How do they not know?"

"Elizabeth Warren, Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi. Pick one. Show me a moderate anywhere in the Democrat Party today and I'll show you one who's a liberal."

"How in the world could anybody believe that I wanted the country to fail or that I had no respect for the office of the presidency? I didn't want the country to be harmed, I didn't want the country to be damaged, I didn't want Obamacare, I didn't want all of this that he's done."

"You get the truth on this program, and you get the facts on this program. I don't make it up just for the purposes of advancing my agenda. The other side does that."

" Every liberal that we're up against has serious beliefs and hard-core radical principles. And I'm sorry, I don't understand how that's overlooked. I don't understand how that is not seen. "

"Yeah, Cuba, they said Fidel didn't know.  China, they said Mao didn't know.  In Venezuela they said Hugo didn't know.  In the old Soviet Union, they said Stalin didn't know.  You know, some things just write themselves.  Hillary Clinton, 'What difference does it make?'  Barack Obama, 'He didn't know.'"

"The truth did not require a password. The truth did not require a log-in. The truth didn't even require a lot of effort. It just required an open mind."

"It doesn't serve me at all to lie about anything to anybody, to make anything up just to advance an agenda. Even if I gain ground that way, it's not real. It's all based on balsa wood lies. I do not do that."

"I've got a montage of all these media people saying Obama didn't know about NSA spying. He didn't know about the IRS. He didn't know about Fast and Furious. He didn't know that Obamacare's website was gonna be a bust. He didn't know anything. And that's the excuse?"

"We're now looking here at what is the ultimate destruction of what was the best health care system in the world, and what was the greatest economy of the world. And we've got people who now say, 'I didn't know,' and you had a chance to know. You didn't avail yourself of the opportunity."

"Obama reportedly unaware of world leader phone tapping, but he knew about Trayvon Martin, and he knows about the Redskins."


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