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Launch! Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims

RUSH: Today is the big day!  Today is the launch. This is October 29th, and my first book since 1993 is now available and on sale. It's Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans. So excited about this, folks, and I want to spend just a few minutes here explaining what this book is, and maybe a couple things about what it's not.  The book is dedicated to Vince Flynn, the late great Vince Flynn, who's a great human being. He was a fantastic thriller author, solid, solid guy.

Obama Lied When He Said Obamacare Would Let You Keep Your Plan, Your Doctor, and Lower Premiums by $2,500 a Year

RUSH:  I thought everybody knew that Obama had promised their premiums would come down $2,500, because the Drive-Bys did cover that.  I mean, the Drive-Bys trumpeted that because that was one of the big selling points.  So I asked Cookie to put together a montage of Obama promising that if you'd like to keep your doctor and your insurance company, you could... It's almost a minute and a half, and it's pretty powerful.

There's No Feud with Dr. Krauthammer -- Just Amazement That Anyone on Our Side Would Misunderstand Liberals

RUSH: I knew this was gonna happen.  There was no way to keep it from happening.  I got this Politico story here by Dylan Byers, "Limbaugh vs. Krauthammer -- Rush Limbaugh took aim at columnist Charles Krauthammer on Monday, sparking yet another intra-party debate among conservative pundits."  I did not do that.  I do not do feuds. 

Chaos is Part of the Path to Single Payer

RUSH: He said that it's gonna take five, 10, maybe 15 years to get there -- and the way we're gonna get there is to have people demand it, and how do you do that?  You so screw up the existing system that people say, "Could you just strip all this away? You guys do it," and eventually get to single payer with the public frustrated and demanding that.


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