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Putin Bugged G20 Swag Bags
RUSH: I love this.  I'm sorry, I just have to tell you, Vladimir Putin, did you hear what he did? (laughing) No one ever leaves the KGB.  At the G20 summit, Putin gave everybody bags of swag, you know, like the presenters and all that at the Academy Awards or any of these awards shows were they always give them bags of something from Chopard, something from Tiffany's, reservations for some spa.  Well, what Putin did, he gave out bags of swag at the G20 summit that were bugged!  Items inside the bag were bugged.  While we're worried here about whether or not we're listening in on Angela Merkel's phone calls, Putin put bugs in all of the G20 swag bags. 


I don't know that they expect that from him because it's big news.  Now, that's an interesting point, too.  Everybody expects that from Putin, in the old days, yeah.  Now I don't think that's the case.  We are really living in an era, folks, of dominant ignorance and stupidity.  We really are.  It is more pervasive and it surrounds us even more than I ever thought possible.  So you say, "Well, they expect Putin to bug 'em?"  Why would it be such news?  It's a New York Post story.  I don't know.  It just amuses me. 
McCain Praises Hillary's Work (Except for Benghazi)
RUSH: Look at this.  "Senator John McCain praised Hillary Clinton on Monday, saying that her work as secretary of state was outstanding, with the exception of the terror attack on the consulate at Benghazi."  She's great, except for Benghazi.  She was outstanding as a secretary of state, except for Benghazi. 

McCain said: "Her work as secretary of state, with the exception of this issue of Benghazi -- which isn’t going away -- I think has been outstanding. I think she would be viewed by anyone, Republican or Democrat, as a very formidable candidate for 2016."  Well, what is the point?  What is to be gained?  What in the world is the point?  You turn around, you call Ted Cruz a wacko bird and you praise Hillary Clinton, and you are a Republican?  In the name of Sam Hill.  This is just sheer -- I don't know what it is.  Idiocy, stupidity, blindness, triumph of emotion over common sense.  I don't know what it is. 

So the Arab Spring was great?  The collapse of our relationship with Russia was great?  The reset with Russia, how well that went?  It was great?  Losing a lot of Central America, that was great?  Hillary Clinton was great?  Outstanding?  I mean, in many people's minds she is the next Democrat nominee, and we're already out there singing her praises?  For what purpose?  Is this somehow going to be make people less inclined to vote for her and vote for us because we're nice people? 

(imitating McCain) "That's right, Mr. Limbaugh, bipartisanship, that's what it's all about, people want us to get long and I'm showing people how to do it."  You're not showing anybody how to get long.  You're showing people how to lose.  "Grrrr."  I know.  Just yesterday I predicted it.  I know.  It's one of these times I don't like being right.  How about Iran and North Korea?  How's that been going, Mr. McCain?  Hmm?  Hmm?  Outstanding, huh? 
Obama Goes to Boston to Praise Romneycare
RUSH: Obama's heading to Boston.  He's going to Faneuil Hall.  He's going to try feed off of Romney and Romneycare.  He's going to be citing the success of Romneycare and Obamacare and so forth, and when I saw the story, I said, "Well, why didn't we just elect Romney?"

He's going to Boston to try, once again, sell this thing: 95% coverage in Massachusetts, and highest health care costs in the country.  He said Romneycare got off to a slow start, too, but it's going great guns and so forth, and so that's where he's headed.
Cardinals Get Stuck on Tarmac
RUSH: The World Series, I had a number of Cardinal fans send me e-mails.  Apparently the Cardinals charter had a mechanical trying to get out of St. Louis yesterday.  Normally, the way it works, they played game 5 on Monday night, game 6 is tonight. So technically yesterday was a travel day.  The way it used to work is both teams would leave right after the game on Monday and get to the site of the next game and either take the day off there or have a little workout. 

Now, the Red Sox did.  There was no reason to stay in St. Louis.  They got out and they got back at like four o'clock in the morning and they had a little workout at Fenway Park. The Cardinals decided no workout and to leave for Boston on Tuesday.  So they go to Lambert, got on their charter, it was a Delta, and they had a six-hour mechanical.  They sat on the plane for six hours.  They've got their families.  It's not like a standard regular season charter.  You've got every player and families, or those that have families, the wives and the kids are on the plane in addition to all of the executives and so forth.  So they charter a bigger plan than they would normally take during a regular season trip. 

Six hours on the tarmac in St. Louis, they finally get into Boston around 11 o'clock last night and they got to the hotel at midnight.  And I've had a lot of Cardinal fans say, "Oh, that's a bad omen. Oh, no, they're gonna get to bed late, oh, no."  Folks, it doesn't matter.  If you're a Cardinal fan, don't worry about that.  These guys don't get to bed before midnight ever anyway, even if they got a day game the next day.  Don't doubt me.  I guarantee you, they get into Boston, the next thing, "Okay, what's still open?"  Well, maybe not with the kids on this trip.  I don't mean this to be disparaging.  But regular season travel for Major League Baseball, it's grueling. 

You can finish a night game, say in St. Louis on a Tuesday night, and have a game in LA on Wednesday. You fly out after the game, you get into LA, the time change. I've known it got so crowded that teams have flown in on day-of games in baseball.  Where this actually is a factor is football.  Football teams have eight road trips a season, not counting preseason, and they're all, most of them, one day.  I've been fascinated to listen to the football experts talk about the grueling road schedule upcoming for team X. They might have three games in a row on the road, which means for six days of those three weeks they're gonna be away from home. 

Now, Major League Baseball or basketball, you can have two week road trips with three weeks in a town, a midnight departure, a four a.m. arrival and a day game after you get there. But football is so structured, it is so regimented, that anything that gets in the way of that -- the Denver Broncos some years ago had a game in Baltimore.  It wasn't long after the new Denver airport opened, and the new Denver airport was much farther out of town than Stapleton was, and a massive blizzard came in on the Saturday that the Broncos were to leave.  They decided to risk it and not leave on Friday, they stayed to stay on the routine.  I think Mike Shanahan was the coach.  It came time to get out of Denver and they couldn't get everybody to the airport.  I mean, it was a genuine blizzard. 

Steve Atwater, who at the time played safety, had to take a snowmobile from his home to the airport to catch the charter.  They got in to Buffalo about one in the morning, and they had a one o'clock start.  But they won the game.  Now, admittedly it was the Bills.  The Bills were not all that hot at the time, but I tell this story to comfort you Cardinals fans.  This little six hours on the tarmac, it's not an omen of anything.  These are professionals.  And by the time they get to Fenway the adrenaline is gonna be pumping, it won't matter if they didn't sleep at all.  As long as the starting pitcher's got his arm rested and so forth, everybody's gonna be cool. 

I've seen it on blogs, my e-mails, worried about the omen, Cardinals, and some people wondered sabotage. There wasn't any sabotage, it was just a mechanical. I'm surprised they didn't find another plane to put 'em on, but maybe there wasn't one big enough at Lambert to get 'em in there. Obviously that's what it was.  But that's not an indicator.  (interruption) Who do I think is gonna win?  I think Game 7, I think the Cardinals will win tonight, and I think we'll have a Game 7.  I hope so.  (interruption) What's that?  Oh, yeah, the obstruction call was absolutely right, rule book call, absolutely.  In fact, the umpires were right on that. I mean, there was no delay. They were exactly right about it.  Yep.  No problem with that at all.
Dingy Harry Lays Groundwork for Next Shutdown
RUSH: The Democrats are already planning the next government shutdown.  I have it right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  "President Barack Obama’s top ally on Capitol Hill says he won’t support any attempt this year to ease across-the-board spending cuts hitting the Pentagon and domestic agencies if it fails to include new revenues."  Translated:  Dingy Harry says, "We're not doing anything with the next budget showdown unless we get a tax increase." 

"Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid made the declaration on the eve of the first official meeting of a House-Senate negotiating panel on the budget. Most Republicans say they won’t consider revenues to help ease the automatic cuts known as sequestration." And Dingy Harry is saying we're not gonna have an agreement.  We'll have another shutdown unless you guys agree to raise taxes and get rid of the sequester.  So while we're all focused on what we think is happening with Sebelius being embarrassed, the Democrats are already laying plans to raise taxes again and to get rid of the sequester which is minor spending cuts, but they're real, and the Democrats hate it.  They hate it. original

Dingy Harry "was a key force behind the hard line approach Obama and Democrats took in the recent battle over the debt limit and government shutdown."  By the way, folks, since we're laying all our cards on the table, do you know why HealthCare.gov launched on October 1st and was totally unready to go?  Sebelius got to pick the date.  Why did she pick October 1st?  They knew it wasn't ready.  They knew HealthCare.gov wasn't ready.  They knew it couldn't handle the load. They knew it wasn't ready. The news stories are plentiful now.  The next target date to have it fixed is November 30th, that's not gonna happen.  They're not gonna get this fixed.  Doesn't matter.  The chaos is what they want. 

But she launched on October 1st knowing that it wouldn't work.  Why?  Because of the shutdown.  They were hell-bent on launching this thing during the shutdown so everything could be blamed on the Republicans.  She could have delayed the start of this thing until next year if she wanted to.  She has the authority by virtue of the law.  In this health care law, the phrase "as the secretary shall determine" is peppered throughout it.  They knew it wasn't gonna work, and they chose to start it anyway.  And, again, this is part and parcel of understanding their ideology. 

Their number one objective is to eliminate opposition.  If they could, they'd do it forever.  Their objective is to so taint the Republican Party that it never wins anything ever again.  They will put you through pain and suffering, and they will put you through insurance cancellation, and they will put you through no insurance and no health care.  They'll gladly put you through that if they can blame the Republicans for it.  If they can make you think while you lose your insurance, and while you can't log on to HealthCare.gov, that it's the Republicans' fault because of the shutdown, they'll gladly do that.  And that's what they did. 

They are willing to destroy anything if they can blame the Republicans for it.  They will hurt their own constituents. They will harm their own voters, so long as their voters blame the Republicans.  If the Republicans don't understand that, they're never gonna be in the game and they're never gonna be able to stop this.


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