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Morning Update: The Other Hand

On the one hand, we have HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius. She liked her health care plan, and she kept it. She made it clear that she has no interest in ditching her plan for Obamacare, which she’s imposing on millions of Americans against their will.

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Obama Sinks to New Low in NBC/WSJ Poll

RUSH: The Drive-Bys are in a panic all across the Drive-By spectrum because their beloved president's approval numbers are plummeting.  Not only is the approval number down to 42%, but the likability number is down, and that really bothers 'em.  They're really worried that people just don't like Obama as much as they used to.

We're Not Fringe Kooks -- We're the Center!

RUSH: I'm really ticked off about this idea that you and me and so forth are kook fringe people, as though the Democrat Party and Barack Obama represent the center.  What is the center of American politics? Obamacare? The genuine left-wing fringe is running this country.  We have a government that is governing against the will of the people. We're not the fringe kooks.  They are. 

Sebelius Hearing: A Missed Opportunity

RUSH: Here's Sebelius, in her proud incompetence, going on and on and on about the "good" things of Obamacare like not denying anybody with previous conditions, or kids being able to stay on their parents' policies 'til they're 26.  Every Republican shoulda stood up and said, "Yeah, and that's why nobody can afford it! Yeah, that's why costs are skyrocketing. It's because you're putting stupid things like that in it which can't be paid for, which are not affordable." 


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