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Shooting at LAX
RUSH: The shooting at LAX.  Several people hurt, happened in terminal 3. 
New FAA Regulations
RUSH: What was that about an iPad?  Well, you can, but -- H.R.'s all excited because you can now use your iPod and your iPhone on the airplane.  But you can't.  You can't use the cellular radio, so if your airline doesn't offer Wi-Fi, you can't surf the Net, and you can't make a phone call.  So that's probably why the guy was shooting up the airport.  He probably heard the new regulations he can use his cell phone.  You can't.  You can fire it up, and you can look at mail you've already downloaded, whatever, but you cannot connect to a cell network during takeoff or landing, and you can't do it in the air because you can't get a cell signal in the air.  So if your airline doesn't have Wi-Fi, it isn't that big a deal. 

Now, you can fire it up and read a book if you have an e-book on your iPad or your smartphone or what have you, you can do all of that.
RUSH: Anyway, this is all about these new rules in the FCC, "Yeah, can use your phone on the plane."  No, you can't.  You can't make a call, and you can't download data via cell, even with the new rules.  So you better have on your i-device or your phone whatever you want to read before you get on the airplane, 'cause that's all you can do.  I mean, it's a "big whoop" to me 'cause you've been able to do that anyway.  Once you get up in the altitude, you can turn the phone on, can't you?  You can turn on the iPad once you get to altitude.  Now you can do it on the ground.  Big whoop.  Now, if they would let you collect data while you're taxiing and taking off, that would be a big deal.  But you can't.  They don't want 150 people making phone calls on their telephones as they're taxiing out.  That would goof things up. 

How to Save Your Phone Battery on a Flight
RUSH: Can I give you all a big battery saving tip?  If you're on an airline that has Wi-Fi so you can get e-mail and surf the Internet while you're at altitude, a good little trick is on your device turn your airplane mode on, and if you have an iPhone, this works.  After you turn airplane mode on, which turns off all the radios, then you turn Wi-Fi back on.  And that way you will not churn your battery.  If you have your cellular radios on, airplane mode off and you're flying around and your cell phone is trying to ping and find a cell tower for whatever length your flight, you're gonna lose 20, 30% of your battery, because it's gonna be churning full speed trying to connect to a cell network. 

It'll say "searching" on your phone and that's why you lose your battery out the wazoo when you're flying.  So turn on airplane mode -- that turns off the cell radios -- and then turn Wi-Fi back on, and there's hardly any battery drain. There's nothing above normal.  But that's only if your airliner has Wi-Fi on.  If it doesn't, turn the airplane mode on anyway because you've got to turn those radios off. You've gotta stop the phone trying to find a cell network at altitude.  It will never do that. It's gonna look like crazy. It's gonna look for GPS locators. It can't do that at altitude.  It's gonna go bonkers.  That battery is running 150%, 'cause it never shuts down, 'cause it never finds a cell tower to connect to.  Just a little helpful battery saving tip from your guru.  Happy to help. 


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