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Morning Update: No Do-Overs

A year later, Ohioans are discovering what their vote got them. The Columbus Dispatch reports that in the last few weeks, Ohio employees have been “reminded” – via their open-enrollment packets – how expensive their health care is.

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Wall Street Journal is Cool with Obama's Lies ... The Next Thing: NFL Coaching Causes Heart Problems ... UK Independent: 3 Million Can't Pay Electric Bills ...

Barack Obama -- National Joke -- is Telling Virginians Who to Make Their Governor?

RUSH:  McAuliffe is gonna put everything into play that Obama has put into play: deficit spending, corporatist behavior, massive transfers of wealth taking place, which is really what's going on with these guys. Raising taxes and making poor people poorer, making the middle class poorer, cronyism. This is what Obama's touting as preferable for the next governor of Virginia. I'm just... I look at it and I'm amazed by it. Cuccinelli would be fabulous.

March Limbaugh Letter: My Conversation with Ken Cuccinelli

Joe Biden: The Arbiter of Cool?

RUSH: The Democrats want to run around and make that look like it's old-fashioned and unhip?  It's the Tea Party that wants to preserve for you the right to do what you want in your life, to live your life the way you want to, not command-and-control from Washington.  The Tea Party doesn't want you saddled with rules and regulations like Obamacare.  The Tea Party doesn't even think something like this is constitutional.  But here they bring in Joe Biden to try to define hip. Joe Biden as an arbiter of cool?  I don't know.  You listen to this next bite.  Does this sound like people who think they're about to win? 


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