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Wall Street Journal is Cool with Obama's Lies

RUSH: There's an article in the Wall Street Journal today. I kid you not about this. There's an article in the Wall Street Journal that basically says Obama's aides decided that it would be a lot easier to sell Obamacare if Obama just lied about being able to keep your insurance and your doctor. The Wall Street Journal story doesn't appear to have any problem with that. They think, in that context, it just made sense.

Okay, so Obama's got this plan, Obamacare, and they gotta sell it, and Obama and his people said the easiest way is just lie to people about what is gonna happen. You know, and they did -- and since that's what it took, that's okay. It's kind of like when Clinton lied all through the nineties, we got stories about how little white lies are actually good. They spare people's feelings being hurt and so forth.

This is sort of like, "Well, that's what it took, so good for them. They realized what it took to get it done." It's story that basically says, "Okay, this is a bunch of people that had a problem, and this is what they had to do to solve it, and they did it, and it worked." It's not the editorial page, Snerdley, where the supposed conservatives live there. Now, this is in the news pages of the Journal, which is where traditional Democrats work.

It's no big deal. It really isn't any big deal.

The Next Thing: NFL Coaching Causes Heart Problems

RUSH: You know, folks, we're gonna now have investigations and hearings and a bunch of hand-wringing and a lot of news stories about heart attacks among coaches in the NFL. That's right. It's right here. ABC News. "NFL Coaching Culture Boosts Heart Risk." (Gasp!) Well, this is so predictable. "Two veteran NFL coaches were sidelined by health scares this weekend, highlighting the occupational hazards of one of professional sport's most stressful jobs. Denver Broncos coach John Fox, 58, is set to have surgery to fix a faulty heart valve this week..."

Is the heart valve faulty because of stress? Well, they say so. It's "an ordeal he hoped to postpone until the offseason. And Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak, 52, is recovering after collapsing on the field during halftime of Sunday's game against the Indianapolis Colts. It's unclear what caused Kubiak to fall to his knees with a strained expression on his face..." It is not unclear. They said he did not have a heart attack! They said he didn't have a heart attack or anything associated with the cardiovascular system, but he did have a really, really bad headache.

He had a headache that was so bad he couldn't open his eyes. He was wincing and grimacing and literally couldn't open his eyes, the headache was so bad. So from that we get the stress on heart of coaches is so bad, now they've got Dr. Redford Williams, Duke University Behavioral Medicine Research Center and other experts saying: Oh, yes, this is such a stressful job! So you watch, folks.

We're gonna hearings, investigative stories, in-depth health recaps. We are gonna get stories about how stressful it is, a day in the life of Coach X. It's amazing how that happens. So one coach needs a heart valve replacement in January, another coach collapses with a headache, and we've got a brand-new emergency condition in the NFL: Bad hearts are caused by the job of coaching!

(tearing up the story)

It didn't take 'em long to get that story up.

UK Independent: 3 Million Can't Pay Electric Bills

RUSH: I've got a story in the Stack here today from the UK Independent: "Long, Cold Winter for Three Million Who Can't Pay Their Energy Bills -- Fears that 200 people a day could die as temperatures fall and prices rise." This is the UK Independent, and what this story is about, they're years ahead of us over there.

They have implemented carbon taxes. They have made gasoline and other forms of natural energy sky-high. They've gone in for all these windmills and solar stuff, and they can't produce enough energy anymore. They've attacked coal. They've done everything they could over there. They have a carbon tax. They have done everything they can to limit the use of fossil fuels. As such, the cost of energy has skyrocketed, and there are three million Britons who cannot pay their energy bills now. That is what will happen here if this isn't stopped. And Cuccinelli does not want this to happen here.

He doesn't want people to be unable to pay their electric bills because energy is gotten rid of. He doesn't want people to not be able to pay their electric bills because their taxes have skyrocketed. Now, the people he's suing, these people like Michael Mann, they're just in it for the money. I mean, there's a whole industry that promotes global warming and they hand out grants to scientists who will produce papers to prove it. It's a scam. And it's been proven to be a hoax from e-mails found at the University of East Anglia in England, but even beyond that common sense tells you.

There hasn't been any warming in 16 years. These people are not even smart enough to take credit for it. I mean, they're out there telling everybody global warming is gonna kill you, it's gonna destroy you. It's destroying the coastline. There hasn't been any warming. They're not happy about it. You'd think they'd be ecstatic a catastrophe's being averted. Instead they're panicking. Why? Because it's a political issue. It's no different than Obama and the regime panicking over this Obamacare rollout. For 25, 30 years, they have promised people it's gonna get warm, it's gonna get hot. The sea level is gonna rise and the coastline's gonna evaporate, it's gonna disappear. Islands are gonna disappear. People are gonna die. There isn't gonna be any freshwater. All these calamities.

Well, that isn't happening. You would think they would be happy. No. They're panicked because it's a political issue and their lie is being exposed. And the same thing with Obamacare. Cuccinelli is simply trying to prevent a leftist takeover of the energy sector which will lead to the same thing here, three million who can't pay their bills. Obama had an executive order. He signed an executive order on Friday to take control over global warming because it isn't moving fast enough in Congress. But you raise the price of energy and there's a consequence, life and death consequences. People can't pay their electric bills now.

If you raise the price of oil, heating oil, traditional ways people heat their homes, if you take action under the guise of saving them, they can't pay their bills, what the hell are they gonna do? Then you have to start subsidizing them, coming up with taxes on other people to pay for it, or you let them die. But in the old days the media is who held people accountable when they lied in politics. That isn't happening anymore.

Now, folks, this story in the UK Independent: "Long, Cold Winter for Three Million Who Can't Pay Their Energy Bills." What would Obama say about that if that were happening here? "Well, that's just a tiny percentage of the population," just like he's saying about the 15 million, and it's many more than that, who now can't get health insurance. That's just a tiny portion of the population. Now, here's what I didn't tell you, because the UK Independent is leftist paper just like everything there for the most part is. This article totally blames the energy companies for this, for being greedy.

Three million people who can't pay their energy bills is the fault of British energy companies. It isn't the leftist government there that have imposed policies on the energy companies that basically get rid of cheap energy and make them substitute expensive and less plentiful sources. Nope. The article totally blames the energy companies just like Obama's blaming the insurance companies here. And the article says that the government's gonna come to the rescue, which, again, is so typical.

So what happens is that these leftists go out, general incompetence, they create all of these horrible, massive problems. And then they come back and say, "You know what? This is so massive, it's so big, only we can fix it." They get to break it, and they take charge and say, "Somebody else's fault, we get to fix it." And I'm telling you that's exactly what the Democrats in this country want to happen.

You got the president of the United States bragging about all this energy production while not okaying the Keystone pipeline. Energy, oil production is occurring on private land, not public. He shut it down wherever he can. Ken Cuccinelli in Virginia is simply trying to save the people of his state money, and he's trying to make sure that they have affordable, plentiful sources of energy. That's all he's trying to do and he's trying to beat Democrats. It's no more complicated than that. Which needs to happen, if we're gonna save the country we've all known.


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