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Drive-Bys Start Spinning for Unemployment Spike... Loyal Obama Supporters Canceled by Obamacare... Couple Who Married for Health Insurance Now Better Off Divorced... NYC's New First Lady is a Former Lesbian... Senate Passes "Historic" Gay Rights Bill...

Virginia Exit Polls Confirm: When Unmarried Women Look to Government for Everything, They Find Democrats

RUSH: Obamacare is a giant goody bag for unmarried women.  The whole thing. Remember that Julia commercial where this single woman is born to indentured servitude, has her little three-foot-square garden in the back of her little 800-square-foot studio apartment, and she's got two or three flowers, and she goes through life with government providing everything?

Obamacare: A National Joke

RUSH:  Brad Paisley, Carrie Underwood at the CMA awards last night.  I mean, it was fabulous.  And what this means is, Obama and Obamacare have become a joke.  You just mention the word, and people start laughing.  This will not sit well at the Regime. 

The Government Isn't Capable of Caring

RUSH: The FDA, which is the Obama Regime, has announced they're gonna move to ban trans fat... These are the kinds of things that I just really resent about leftists and governments.  It's none of their business, and they fabricate lies. They convince people that normal living will kill them, and then they move in to regulate the way people live, and it's all done under the guise of caring about people. 


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