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The Latest Trick Played on the GOP

RUSH: You don't hear the media tell Republicans what to do and how to do it, regarding the independents.  You don't hear about 'em at all because since they've abandoned Obama, they don't matter anymore... So now moderates will replace independents, and the Republicans will be told, "You're not gonna win anything unless you convince the moderates to vote for you and only way you can do that is come out for amnesty and abortion and getting rid of guns.  If don't do that, you'll never win."

You Only Get One Life -- Live It!

RUSH: Jack London died in 1916.  Some people say it was suicide.  Nobody knows for sure.  But I don't care.  He was a card-carrying socialist, but he didn't live that way.  It was impossible.  Maybe he wanted everybody else to, but in terms of the way he lived, it's typical of what liberals do. They always exempt themselves from the rules that they impose on others. 


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