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Pearls of Wisdom

"I sometimes wonder, and I'm sure you do, too, if the Republican Party really knows what they're up against."

"I never turn on the news over the weekend short of a nuclear detonation somewhere.  I just don't.  I don't learn anything from it anymore."

"I wanted to do a little test. I wanted to see if I adopted the position of the establishment, what the establishment would do. It appears there's no taste now for letting Obamacare implode because letting it implode would hurt people."

"Rush Revere is getting a little jealous that Liberty is getting far more fan mail.  You know, Revere thinks he's the star of the book, and it's turned out that the horse is rivaling Revere.  Revere told me this.  He's an honest guy.  He didn't hold anything back."

"Liberals always exempt themselves from the rules that they impose on others."

"I don't think the Republicans have the slightest idea.  I think they are so far behind the times, in terms of where the culture is.  They certainly do not know, I'm convinced, enough about their political opponents to effectively deal with 'em." 

"Maryland's gone.  The only thing good about that is they don't have hardly any electoral votes.  But, I mean, when Barbara Mikulski is a sex symbol, you know what that state has to offer."

"You have to understand the way the liberal looks at something working.  Their purpose here is not to provide you health care cheaply, affordably and plentifully. That's not what this is about to them.  This is about taking over one-sixth of the US economy and controlling as much of your life as they can. I realize that a low-information voter hearing me say that is not gonna believe it.  That's gonna sound like kook talk to them.  I know it's not persuading anybody to tell 'em that, but that's the truth."

"It is arguable now who committed the greater fraud, Bernie Madoff or Barack Obama.  Madoff defrauded a few.  This is defrauding the entire country. The president of the United States lied to the entire country on the most important thing to people, their health care."

"If that's what it took to get your vote, if that's what it took to get your support for Obama -- you like your plan, you keep it -- then what was wrong?  Why do we need Obamacare?"

"This is so cool.  Of all the people in the country, 300 million, someone who is related to the guy who fell overboard on the Mayflower, written about in my book, is in my audience."

"Ronald Reagan was the Tea Party."

"A lot of leftists say, 'You know, the Republicans, they would reject Reagan in a primary election.'  Bull shhh.  It's a crock." 

"It was just over a year ago you and I witnessed the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy to homes and communities and businesses, and then Chris Christie and Obama fixed it.  Well, no.  I'm just kidding.  That was the pictures.  They didn't fix it."

"George Washington could have been king, and he rejected it.  And he rejected it precisely because it wouldn't be the United States if there was a king, because kings are not elected.  He wanted no part of it."

"Hawaii is so liberal that Republicans, in order to survive politically, have to be their own version of liberal. Hawaii is as liberal as Massachusetts is or anything."

"We're surrounded by two things: Stupidity and ignorance combined with arrogance."

"There are just certain enclaves of liberalism that are always gonna be that way and Hawaii's probably one of 'em for a whole bunch of socioeconomic and otherwise political reasons."

"The Honolulu City Council passed a resolution denouncing me and my advertisers because the ChiCom premier came over, did a press conference, and I did an impersonation of what he was saying, and they thought that I was mocking the communist leader of China and mocking the Chinese language by impersonating him."

"Congress is a follower, it's not a leader."

"Obamacare is not an alternative.  You choose Obamacare, you lose your policy.  Obamacare is mandatory.  There is no choice, by definition.  You are losing your choice."

"Nobody is going to sign up for Obamacare unless they are forced it.  That's what Obama knows.  Nobody would choose this."

"That's the whole thing with liberalism.  You lose your choice.  Everything becomes a mandate.  Everything becomes something you have to do, or you're in violation of the state."

"If you believe nothing else of what I'm saying, understand that as far as Obama is concerned, Obamacare is rolling out nearly perfectly.  The only way that Obamacare will survive is if millions of people are forced into it by losing their previous coverage."


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