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Ted Cruz and Mike Lee Warned You

RUSH: Folks, I want to take you back to Ted Cruz and Mike Lee a month ago.  They were trying to warn people what was coming.  They were trying to get people back then to delay this, to defund it, to prevent this that's happening from happening.  They knew it was coming, as did every other elected official.  Everybody in both parties knew this was coming, folks. 

Obamacare Will Get Much, Much Worse

RUSH: Most people are insured at work.  Wait 'til they start losing their policies and plans that they like.  We're talking tons and tons of people.  That's the other shoe to drop in 2014.  Nobody's brought it up yet.  I just want you to have a heads-up.

A Trap for Republicans

RUSH: The Republicans ought to be nowhere near trying to help Obama save his bacon.  But they don't think that's what they're doing, I'm convinced.  You talk about trauma and the need for therapy, I really think that the Republicans have been genuinely psychologically traumatized by decades of media criticism.


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