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American Media Fixated with Toronto  Mayor
RUSH:  Can somebody explain something to me?  What is the media's obsession with this mayor in Toronto?  They will not let this go.  What is it?  I was chatting with a friend this morning.  We were sharing theories back and forth about what's going on here, and Matt Lauer just tore into the guy, and the guy is the mayor of Toronto.  Now, this is the guy who admitted he got drunk and, what, he smoked crack? 

Yeah, he smoked it in a "drunken stupor," and he refuses to resign, and they're trying to strip his powers as mayor away. His brother's backing him up, but he won't quit.  He's a big, obese guy. He looks like Goldfinger with about, oh, 50 or 60 extra pounds, maybe a hundred extra pounds or whatever. (interruption) Well, I was gonna say, "It has to be partly that he's a conservative." (interruption)  Well, yeah, he's white, but that wouldn't explain it.  I think what it is...

At this point, I don't know about when it all started, but the fact that he won't quit has got them ticked off to the point they're not gonna let go of it 'til he does.  As far as the Drive-Bys are concerned, this is about their power, and this guy's defying them.  I mean, the US media cares in more about this than the Canadian media does, and they want this guy gone. The Canadian media still cares about it, don't misunderstand, but down here in the lower 48, they're really exorcised by this guy, and he doesn't affect us at all. 

He's the mayor of Toronto, and I think, "Okay, yeah, he's conservative. Yeah, he's white.  But he's defiant.  He's not apologetic, not to the media, and he's not reacting to it." I think that's just got them all buffaloed.  So they're just gonna stick with this.  CNN can't let go of the story. They just can't let go of it – and even Fox, to a certain extent.  He is a fiscal conservative, he's white, he's fat. I guess he fits the bill, actually.
Money Honey to Fox
RUSH: Did you see that the Money Honey is leaving CNBC and go to Fox Business?  Maria Bartiromo.  No, I know it's Bartiromo.  She says "barcha."  Is a Brooklyn pronunciation.  Maria Bartiromo is leaving, contract perspires next month, and she's moving to Fox Business and will ostensibly have a role at the Fox News Channel as well.  CNBC's numbers are plummeting, in the toilet.  They need Martin Bashir over there to save 'em.
MSNBC's Bashir Apologizes for Reprehensible Comment About Sarah Palin
RUSH: How about that guy?  Did you hear, Dawn, what he did?  Well, there are a lot of children now listening to this program.  And mom and dad, if your kids are listening, would you do me a favor?  I really don't want the kids to hear this, but I gotta tell you if you don't know this, so I'm gonna count down from five, give you a chance to turn the radio off for just 30 seconds or a minute.  If you leave the radio up and people hear it and get offended, it's not our problem because we warned you.  Not trying to shock you here.  Okay... five, four, three, two, one. 

Okay, last week, Martin Bashir, the British import, former host of Nightline, now the lowest rated show on MSNBC, which is saying something, three o'clock in the afternoon, Sarah Palin had claimed that all of this debt and all of this mess with Obamacare was going to enslave the American people to debt, that Obamacare was enslaving people.  And he just lost it.  He told a story about some Jamaican plantation owner who punished his slaves by requiring them to defecate in the mouths of other slaves.  And he suggested this is what needs to happen to Sarah Palin.  That somebody should defecate in her mouth.  It's just abject, pure, unadulterated, low class hatred. 

So he apologized yesterday with a heartfelt apology and so forth.  But I don't know how he's still there.  I mean, the fact that people at MSNBC didn't find that reprehensible in any way and let that stand for -- how long, was it Friday he made the statement?  So the whole weekend goes by, he doesn't apologize 'til Monday, and nobody over there at that network apparently had a problem with it to let it go on and on that long, and then for that to just be mitigated with an apology. 

This is what continues to amaze me.  These are some of the lowest, particularly at that network, just most despicable human beings.  Forget liberals or whatever.  And they're given positions of prominence and so forth, and they just constantly embarrass themselves and everybody else.  They do it with this smug arrogance as though they're smarter and better than everybody else.  Sarah Palin never did anything to this guy.  This guy's beloved president is embarrassing himself and plummeting in every way possible.  So we gotta go out and malign Sarah Palin. 
Obama Omits "Under God" from Gettysburg Address
RUSH:  Seven score and 10 years ago -- 150 years ago, seven score plus 10 -- Abraham Lincoln gave his Gettysburg Address, and The Politico has seized upon the occasion to attack the Tea Party.  I'm not gonna give you the details.  I don't even want to dignify it, but they do. That's not the point.  You see where Ken Burns, who did the Civil War documentary for PBS with 61 lawmakers and politicians and news anchors and celebrities, including every living president, have been filmed reciting the Gettysburg Address?

Well, guess what? 

When Obama recited the Gettysburg Address for Ken Burns to be included in a PBS documentary, Obama left out "under God" from his reading of the passage that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom. He left out "under God."  It's not his words; they were Lincoln's.  He was just asked to recite the Gettysburg Address.  It's on YouTube.  I've got a link to the video. I don't have it here for you, but there's a link to Obama on YouTube of Obama leaving out "under God."

Why would you do that?  I mean, there is an answer.  He wants to get a rise out of conservatives.  Just, "eeeeehh."  It's an in-your-face to conservatives.  That's exactly what it is.  It really isn't that Obama is anti-God or any of that. This is just to provoke people like Snerdley, to ruin his day, to make him mad all afternoon when he hears about it.  It doesn't get a rise out of me, 'cause I understand exactly what's going on out there.


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