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Drive-Bys Obsessed with Obama, Clinton, JFK
RUSH:  Do you know what CNN's doing right now?  I kid you not.  CNN right now is analyzing the significance of Obama and the Clintons going to the JFK gravesite.  They've got David Gergen, who they're slobbering all over because he advised four presidents, talking about the significance -- honest, "the significance" -- of Obama and the Clintons together going to the JFK gravesite.  Oh, now they've added one of their infobabes to the discussion. 

The significance of a sitting president going to a JFK gravesite, with the Clintons.  Gergen actually... They have the eternal flame there.  Gergen actually said, "It symbolizes the passing of the torch, because both these guys, Obama and Clinton, were born during the Kennedy life."  I don't know.  I don't know passing the torch to who, from who. I don't know who's passing the torch. I don't know who's getting the torch. I don't know what torch they're talking about. 

But what is the significance of Obama and Clinton both having been born during Kennedy's life?  But I kid you not, they're doing an in-depth report on the significance of these two guys going to the gravesite.  Anything to cover up this 37% approval rating number that Obama has in the CBS poll that's just out today.

Middle Class Americans Cut Back on Spending Because They Understand Obamacare Will Cost Them
RUSH: Like the call we had yesterday: "Don't go all crazy about the falling number.  It doesn't mean anything.  The Democrats still have the media.  It's not gonna matter, doesn't mean diddly-squat.  Don't get all excited about it."  But I'll tell you, the news... Folks, let me tell you. Before we get to the Jay Leno man on the street Thanksgiving business, let me just tell you why this matters in my mind.  We've gotta stop this.  We have to reverse the direction we're going. 

We have a headline, John Hinderaker at Power Line says Obama's in freefall.  That means the country is, too. Both are true.  Now, Obama put the country in freefall, and people are now seeing it.  I think, like Margaret in Sacramento, there is a massive awakening going on out there among low-information people who didn't look at Obama anywhere near the way you and I see him.  Quite the opposite, in fact. 

I think there is legitimate shock.  You and I, we understand it.  We're not surprised.  What we're surprised at is how long it's taken people to see it.  But for those people, it is a legit surprise.  They thought their health care was gonna get cheaper, more plentiful, that everybody was gonna pay for their stuff. They did.  One of the things that's so frustrating about all this is what people are made to believe by the media.  I understand that. 

But now it's unraveling. There's accompanying story hear to this.  You see, "middle class Americans have figured out..." This is John Hinderaker at Power Line: "[M]iddle-class Americans have figured out that their health care bills are going up under Obamacare, and they are cutting back on other spending" to be able to afford it.  People see this economy is in a freefall.  There is no growth, and there is no job creation going on.

Walmart Sells 32-inch Flat-Screen for $98
RUSH: I read the tech blogs, and, folks, don't doubt me here.  You know, a lot of things that Americans buy are manufactured in China, and reports out of China are that manufacturing is way down.  Demand in Chinese factories is way down, and that means demand for products made there by the American people are falling.  And get this.  This is a Bloomberg story.  "US Retailers are Discounting Earlier Than Ever as They Brace for the Weakest Holiday Shopping Season Since 2009."

You want some details?  Try this.  Walmart is selling 32-inch flat-screen TVs for $98.  "Walmart is dangling..." This is Bloomberg. "Walmart is dangling a 32-inch flat-screen TV for $98..." The brand is not noted.  "Sears Holdings Corp. has waived layaway fees and its Kmart chain is introducing a rent-to-own program. More than a dozen retailers are opening earlier, or for the first time, on Thanksgiving Day.

"Among the attention-grabbing stunts: A $1 million jackpot for one of the first shoppers to visit Gap Inc.’s Old Navy chain on Black Friday. Faced with wary shoppers and a shorter holiday season, retailers are piling on deals as they jockey for market share during the most important sales period of the year." Well, this story dovetails with the story on Obama in freefall and what's happening in China in terms of production being down.  And Obamacare. 

People are simply... They are now aware that their health care is going to be more expensive, not cheaper.  Remember, they believed Obama's lie.  You want to know why he's at 37%? It's that lie, and that lie has opened up to people the reality that he's lied about a lot of things.  All it takes is one.  It's their health care, which is -- after food and shelter -- the most important thing to people.  Their health care is skyrocketing in cost. 

This they have learned, and because they don't want to do without it, they are making adjustments elsewhere. So retail spending, good old fashioned economic consumption is way, way down -- and so is consumer confidence.  Flat-screen TV for 98 bucks? Thirty-two inches?  Now, I'm sure it's a deal designed to lure you into the store.  Not everything is priced that way, but still.  I've never heard of a flat-screen TV for 32 inches, even, for $98.  So it's all connected. 

The lie about Obamacare and the reality that it's gonna cost through the roof, that's a huge shock.  Health care is not something that people think they can do without.  They've got to have it, and so they make adjustments elsewhere.  By the way, I found the brand name for the 32-inch flat screen.  Let's see if you've heard of it.  Funai. F-u-n-a-i.  You ever heard of it?  I haven't, either.  It's a Japanese company selling a $98 flat-screen TV, a 32-inch Funai, and I guess it's F-u-n-a-i, I guess you pronounce it Funai.  But it's still flat-screen technology.

Prediction: Left-Wing Will Attack Doctors for Greed
RUSH:  Hey, folks, I'll tell you something. I'm gonna make a prediction for you, because, man, am I knocking 'em out of the park on my predictions.  Holy smokes.  What I predicted would happen in the sports media about the NFL is happening at an even more rapid rate, and here's another one.  There are more and more doctors now saying that they are not gonna participate in either Obamacare or the exchanges, or these networks. 

This is an easy prediction.  What's gonna happen, you're gonna start seeing left-wingers in the media and on the blogs start attacking doctors for being greedy.  Doctors refusing to participate in Obamacare will be called selfish and greedy and they've got plenty of money, they don't need all they're making, they could easily live great lives, they don't have to quit, they're just greedy and selfish.  That's the next thing coming.  And I got a couple of e-mails from people just during the course of the program who are curious to know what is it about Obamacare that's causing people to wake up to liberals and government not being able to do anything.  These people have said, "I mean, this is nothing new. The government can't do anything right.  Why is this causing everybody to wake up?" 

Well, ladies and gentlemen, A, I hearken back to the nature of health care itself.  It is deeply personal.  It's life and death.  It's bankruptcy versus solvency.  You can't get more personal than health care is.  And remember, the Democrat Party has portrayed it as second only to food in what you need.  And the Democrat Party and the insurance companies and the government working together to try to improve it have made it so expensive, insurance is expensive, actual health care and treatment is expensive, that when they tell you you are just one illness away from bankruptcy, in many people's cases they're right. 

So when you, after warning people about all of that, create a system that makes that possibility very real to people, they notice it.  My good friend, our official climatologist when he's not afraid to admit it, Dr. Roy Spencer, University of Alabama Huntsville, thinks that it is an economy of scale kind of thing.  The government screws up on everything, but this is one-sixth of the economy.  This is noticed.  The screw ups in Medicaid, Social Security, food stamps, big whoop.  Failed promise in the stimulus, big whoop.  But this, one-sixth of the US economy, people can't help but notice.  So there are countless possible explanations for this.  But whatever, it is real.  And there are now people who are openly saying, publicly, how they disapprove of Obama, don't like Obamacare, so it is becoming socially acceptable to say so.  It's not controversial to say so. 

Most people don't want any part of controversy.  It scares them.  Most people are just totally absorbed in what other people think of 'em.  And those kinds of people are not ever gonna want to be in any way part of controversy.  Somebody like me, I wouldn't know how to live without.  But most people don't want any part of it.  It's genuinely nerve-wracking.  It is stress inducing for most people.  And the way to stay out of controversy is to shut up, in most people's lives, most people's experience, just don't say anything.  Even when asked, just fake it, act like you don't know, you don't care, don't make yourself a target, don't want it.  But now those shackles, if you will, are lifted, the boundaries are sort of expanded and people have a little bit more freedom and leeway in being honest about it. 

CNN Back to Real News: Michelle Obama Says Husband Sings in Shower
RUSH:  CNN's back to doing real news now.  They're doing a story on Michelle Obama talking about how her husband sings in the shower.  They're back to real news. 


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