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"The theory that the JFK assassination is what flipped the left in this country upside down and sent 'em into this out-of-control place they are now, I believe it. They can't get their arms around the fact that a communist killed their guy. That's why they have to revise history and make it like Dallas did it -- this festering boil of rabid extremism, anti-government, right-wing hatred!"

"Every conspiracy theory that you have heard that makes you think Lee Harvey Oswald was not the assassin was started by the Democrats. Every one."

"At the time the Democrat Party and the American left, just like today, felt that the right wing, people like Reagan and Goldwater, posed a much greater threat to America than Soviet or ChiCom communism. There's no mistake about it. It's not arguable. That's why they were so discombobulated over the fact that a communist killed JFK."

"When you, in reaction to their new law to give everybody health care, start converting full-time workers to part-time, they haven't the slightest idea that you're doing it to stay alive. They haven't the slightest idea that you're doing it to stay in business. They think you are unfairly taking advantage of the law."

"Camelot, which, by the way, didn't even exist while Kennedy was alive, was created as a massive public relations scheme by Jackie O. Well, she wasn't Jackie O yet. She was still Jackie Kennedy. Massive PR scheme."

"It's outrageous. There's no question. They did it. Dingy Harry went ahead and they just voted the nuclear option in the Senate. They just changed 250 years' worth of rules on advise and consent, and now Obama's gonna get every judge he wants. He's gonna get them."

"What do you call a politician who is pro-life, for lower taxes, for a strong national defense, and a proud nationalist, proud to be an American? What do you call that person? That is John Fitzgerald Kennedy."

"Folks, a right-winger didn't kill Kennedy. A left-winger, a communist, killed President Kennedy. And the left still can't accept that. They still have to indict Dallas, the Dallas of the day."

"When Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on The View and my name came up, I was mostly a little ragged around the edges and maybe a little extreme and maybe sometimes embarrassingly. Now that she's at Fox, I'm astute."

"If the plan you liked, I'm sure one of the reasons you liked it was the price. Well, bye-bye price! Because the plan that you liked, the plan Obama magnificently is now 'allowing' (that was the word) you to keep, minimum 24% increase in price."

"Even I, ladies and gentlemen, must admit we're off to a rousing start."

"Republicans are content to lose -- thinking that there's valor in it, I'm convinced. They really think that there's honor in losing if they look good to the American people doing it. If they look fair, and if they look reasonable, they like it. It's how it appears to me from a distance."

"There's a study that has just come out. Get this. 'Men With Attractive Wives More Satisfied In Marriage.' You needed a study for this?"

"Remember, folks, liberal Democrats cannot survive being truthful, or if the truth about them is known, everything is a lie, everything's an illusion, everything is camouflaged, everything is a mask."

"My mind, it just fires constantly. Even when I go to sleep, I'm doing show prep."

"The fewest number of words necessary make the most powerful point."

"Obama's feeling pretty good right now, because, folks, there's no other way to put this. He gets to play dictator now with judicial nominees. That's something he's always wanted. He's ecstatic. 'What Obamacare? What's that? That's just a bump in the road. This today, that's the big deal for me.' That's what he's thinking."

"The media's been trying to protect Obama. They've shielded him. They've done everything they could to protect Obama and make sure that he's not accountable for any of the disasters that have happened, be they jobs, economics, foreign policy."

"This whole administration is a disaster, and the media has shrouded Obama in a protective cover and helped him remain removed from it, so he has no accountability."

"When you see some of the men women choose, it gives every guy in the world hope. There's no question about it."


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