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Media Pushes Lie That "Dallas and the South Killed JFK," When Oswald was a Marxist Communist from New Orleans

RUSH: I'll tell you, no matter where you look, the focus is on how racist and bigoted and extremist Dallas was -- and, now today, they're even adding the whole South into the mixture, which everybody knows was the case back then. But they're linking it to the assassination of Kennedy. This is what the left has done since he was assassinated.  They've erased from their and everybody else's memories that a communist was the assassin.  And they have replaced "a communist" with "America."  America basically killed the president.  And that has been a major turning point for the Democrat Party and the American left 50 years ago, when they really went full bore on blaming America, simply because they could not accept the fact that a brother communist had killed the president.

The Chickification of the NFL: Former Eagles Player Claims Donovan McNabb Bullied Him Over Sexuality

RUSH: Let me ask you this: Is there somebody, anybody who's played in the NFL, who's not a bully, who's not the victim of a bully, who isn't gay, who hadn't been accused of being gay, who's not had a concussion, who has not had brain dementia, who has not had a hearing deficit, who has not been maimed? Would you please raise your hand?  Is there anybody left in the NFL?

The Democrats Just Want It More

RUSH: The Republican Party reserves all of its spending for actual campaign times.  The Democrats do this kind of operation year round. They just... I don't know.  I don't know how to explain to you the difference in strategies.  To me, the outward appearance is that the Democrats just want it more.

Colonel: Army Needs a Few "Ugly" Women

RUSH: So you have a colonel in the Army, a woman, suggesting that ugly women... She used the word "ugly" and "average." She thinks only ugly and average women should be used in PR campaigns to get women recruited.  Once again, folks -- and Snerdley, you can shake your head in there, but once again it was I, El Rushbo, on the cutting edge way, way back, folks, in 1990. It was I who suggested the All-American First Cavalry Amazon Battalion...

How the GOP Can Nuke Obama Back

RUSH: Make the Democrats earn every piece of legislation.  Put them through the wringer.  End the Democrats' supermajority on legislative issues.  It's something they could do, the Republicans, if they want to. They could promise to filibuster every piece of legislation.  That could have the effect of shutting down the Senate on legislative matters.


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