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Obamacare is Going to Shaft Everybody


RUSH:  No, it's because the rates next year are going to skyrocket.  Folks, whatever good news there is about Obamacare is over.  Anything about Obamacare from this day forward is bad news.  Now, they do say that their website passed some screwball test today.  You know, big whoop.  It's another thing out of Jay Carney's mouth.  The reason that they're delaying the enrollment mandate deadline beyond the election next year is because the rates skyrocket next year. 

The rates skyrocket next year because they are based on the lies that the young and healthy were gonna flock to Obamacare, and they're not.  The rates that everybody thought you and me and everybody was gonna be charged were projections based on what these loco weeds thought would be a mad dash by Millennials to Obamacare to sign up. 

Look, folks, these people that are running this don't know jack.  I'm telling you, they are theoreticians, faculty lounge theoreticians who have zero experience in the private sector in the real world.  They don't.  There's not one person involved in this who's ever made a payroll, ever run a business.  They don't have the slightest idea how the real world works.  And remember, they don't understand the fragility of small business.  They think all business is filthy rich.  It's the fatted golden goose, and it never is gonna run out of money.  They think that every business owner is filthy rich, hoarding money, cheating customers, not paying employees so they can have all the money for themselves.  That's what they truly believe. 

That's why they do what they do, to get even with people like that, by raising their taxes or regulating their businesses or what have you, because they make the assumption that you are reprobates, that you're selfish and that you're greedy and that you exploit your employees and screw your customers.  That's what capitalism is to them.  So they devise this health care system.  They think that young people love and adore them. They think that Millennials love and adore Obama, and they think that they would love and adore anything Obama does.  Obama made this case, lying through his teeth about Obamacare and how cheap it's gonna be, how get to keep your plan, how it's gonna insure the uninsured, is filled with compassion. 

They thought that the 18 to 35-year-old group that just loves Obama would be the first ones making a mad dash to Obamacare to sign up.  And that would then result in lower premiums for everybody else, because they were not going to be given rate deals.  They were going to be charged more than they were paying, and the calculation was they're young and healthy, they're not gonna be making any claims.  So they're gonna be buying all this insurance but not using it because they're not sickly.  And so we can take that money and insure the uninsured and the sick and the elderly and all that. 

Well, a problem happened.  These space cadets forgot to look at the employment situation.  They forgot to look at the their own economic policies, which have resulted in no jobs for these Millennials.  Not only do they not have jobs, they don't have the means of producing an income or earning an income that would allow them to pay these premiums.  So the primary funding mechanism for Obamacare 2004 is up in smoke because the Millennials, the group to be screwed, doesn't have the money to sign up.  But even if they did, they don't have the desire to sign up. 

They're not stupid.  They can find out that their prices are gonna be way higher than they need to be.  These people don't even want insurance at their age.  They're not sick.  They don't even imagine getting sick.  They don't even think about dying, other than when they think about global warming.  They're mortality is not something they live with.  These people are young and the world is just opening up to them.  They're not thinking whether they're drinking too much coffee or having too much trans fat or whether they're drinking 32-ounce soft drinks.  None of the sort.  They're like every young person.  The world is their oyster.  Except these people really aren't because Obama's destroying the oyster. 

But the bottom line is, if these young dupes don't sign up and don't pay these premiums, then where are we gonna get the money to insure the really sick and the elderly and the poor?  The only people who have -- and it almost is "only."  The only people who've actually enrolled for Obamacare are the elderly, and the real number of enrollees is 27,000.  It isn't 106.  Maybe 30,000 by now. 

So, given those realities, since there isn't a high degree of money in the system brought by the Millennials buying insurance they don't need, there isn't any money in the system.  Therefore everybody who enrolls, as mandated by the law next year, is going to be faced with skyrocketing premiums because the young Millennials haven't put any money into it.  And Obama does not want that realized before the election.  That is sticker shock like you can't imagine and he doesn't want that known, So he has just arbitrarily, again, outside of the law, decided to delay the enrollment period, the mandated enrollment period beyond November of 2014. 

The thinking is that people are so dumb and so stupid that they will not learn what I just told you and that they will show up in 2014 and vote Democrat to win the House and keep the Senate because they love Obamacare.  They now think they get to keep their doctor 'cause Obama apologized. They get to keep their doctor for just a year. They get to keep their plan, but the price for that goes up, too.  They think that by hiding the truth, you are so stupid that you are not going to learn the truth. 

But there are people like me and countless others who are going to tell you the truth.  You're not gonna have enroll to find out what you face price-wise when you do enroll.  This is how little they think of you and how dumb they think you are. If they just delay by a month or two, just delay the mandatory enrollment, you've got to be signed up, you've got to pay your money to Obamacare, you've got to have insurance, until after the election, that you'll vote Democrat, happily, supportively, and then, after the election, when you figure out what's happened, you'll have no power to do anything about it other than get mad, and they don't care if you get mad after the election.  They don't care if you realize you have just been shafted after the election.

They don't want you to think or realize you're getting shafted before you vote.  You are getting the shaft.  We all are.  We are getting the royal shaft.  Obama just thinks you're stupid enough to not realize it before November of 2014.  Jay Carney thinks you're stupid enough and he can convince the media to tell you that you're stupid enough that you won't know you're getting the shaft before November of 2014.  Come December 2014 when you get the shaft and realize it, they'll say, "Gee, we're sorry you feel that way.  This wasn't our intention." 

"Well, then lower my --"

"Oh, no, no.  We didn't intend for you to get mad.  We're sorry you got mad.  But you're stuck with it." 

Folks, they have been governing against the will of the American people since day one.  They're not changing.  Everything about Obamacare, people are learning now, everything about it is against the will of the people.  If you put what this has become up to a vote, it doesn't stand a chance.  You tell everybody that health care is going to become what it has become, you tell 'em this back in 2009 and 2010, sayonara.  It doesn't get 10% of the vote.  It's all fraud.  It's all corruption.  It's all deceit.  They just think you're too dumb to realize it before you vote for them again.  That's what they really think of you.


RUSH: Sandusky, Ohio.  This is Tom.  Thank you for waiting, sir.  It's good to have you with us.

CALLER:  Thank you for having me on.  I'll make this quick.  As far as I am concerned, that thing that crawls out of a sewer with a long tail and has a name like Harry Reid, has just signed a death knell for the Democratic Party along with, you know, Obamacare -- or the "Affordable Care Act" as they now like to call it.  I don't care what they try from now on.  Everybody's gonna remember they were lied to, everybody's gonna know that it's gonna cost too much, and everybody's gonna know that this president is a piece of --

RUSH:  Ah!  We get it.

CALLER:  I won't say it.

RUSH:  We get it.

CALLER:  Ha-ha.  Anyhow, I --

RUSH:  I saved your bacon there, buddy. I saved your bacon.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  'Cause I know where you're headed, 'cause I've been wanting to say the same thing.

CALLER:  Yeah.  (laughing)  But that's all... You know, it's gonna touch everybody in the wallet. You can't get around that. I don't care what you try, you know? When they start seeing their prices --

RUSH:  It is.  It's mandated.  It is gonna touch everybody.  There's no way around this.  But what they're trying to do, Tom, as I just explained, is they're trying to make sure that it all happens before it touches everybody.  They get everybody signed up before, and Democrats win elections before it touches everybody.  That's what they're trying to do here. "So what?  It touches everybody? Everybody hates it? Live with it!  It's the law of the land.  Screw you!"

That's where they're headed.  They don't care whether you like it or not.  The Democrat Party doesn't care whether you support them or not.  It doesn't matter that they represent 20% of the thinking in the country.  Screw that.  They're gonna put their agenda in no matter what. Whatever, however they're gonna do it (and they're aided and assisted by no push-back of any consequence from the Republicans), and if you end up hating them, they don't care.

What are you gonna do to 'em? 

They're still gonna take their junkets to the Caribbean on your money.

They're still gonna get your taxpayer dollars paying for their health care. 

What are you gonna do about it, other than get mad at 'em?  Which they don't care about.  That's why people have got to be made aware of this before.  That's why the pressure must never be let up on this.  Every strategic move that Obama and the Democrats are making with this must be undermined. It has to be.  I think that's what he' saying. That's what he hopes happens, that the level of education is such that they don't get away with this. That's what Tom was saying before he branched off into near profanity that I, as host, saved him from. 

Tom, thanks for the call.  I appreciate it. 



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