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Half of All New AIDS Infections in Greece are Self-Inflicted by People Looking to Get More Benefits ... If Obama's So Smart, Ms. Jarrett, Why Does He Need Advisors? ... Having Daughters Increases Likelihood You'll Be Republican ...

We Won't Be Distracted from the Obamacare Fraud

RUSH: In the Health Care Stack today, there must be three, maybe four, stories from people who believed Obama's promise and then found that, not only are they not being charged $2,500 less for their premiums and they don't get to keep their plan with their doctor, they're finding out that their costs are doubling and tripling -- and they're livid. They're mad.

Obama's Endgame: Everyone on Medicaid

RUSH: You either have rampant stupidity behind the authorship of this thing, or you have people who wrote something they knew wouldn't work on purpose, creating chaos and panic in the minds of the people. And then demanding a solution, which, of course, Obama will be right there with his single-payer solution. That's (impression), "Put everybody on Medicaid and be done with it."

Will You Have Thanksgiving Dinner with a Side of Obamacare Propaganda, or with Rush Revere and Liberty?

RUSH: Organizing for Action, the offshoot of the Obama website, Organizing for America, is urging all of its supporters to dominate Thanksgiving dinner talking up and selling Obamacare. On the website they've even got a script for Obama acolytes. It's called, "Health Care for the Holidays." ... At the TwoIfByTea.com website, at the Adventures of Rush Revere portal, we've offered people to download blank outlines of Liberty, the talking horse, one of the favorite characters, and Rush Revere for the kids to color. It's like a little coloring book, except coloring pages.


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