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"These people will do anything to distract us from how bad Obamacare is, including let the Iranians get a nuclear weapon down the road. It's unbelievable. And you know what they're counting on? They're counting on the fact that most people don't care about Iran."

"The media is literally nothing more than a PR firm for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party. That's really all they are. That's the only way that you can understand the media. They're not journalists. They don't do news."

"Obama drew the red line. Today, he erased the red line and erected a green light, gave it to the mullahs, and probably promised their supreme leader he could keep his health care plan if he likes it as a bonus."

"When John Kerry is involved, don't tell me that it's good."

"Obamacare is essentially a computer virus, knowingly sold as clean software to trusting customers."

"You either have rampant stupidity behind the authorship of this Obamacare thing, or you have people who wrote something they knew wouldn't work on purpose, creating chaos and panic in the minds of the people. And then demanding a solution, which, of course, Obama will be right there with his single-payer solution."

"So, you go to the doctor and the doctor's gonna say, 'You know what? You're not only fat, you're pregnant, and Plan B won't work for you,' and then you're gonna be directed to Michelle's (My Belle's) Let's Move program."

"Did Obama promise the supreme leader of Iran that if he liked his health care plan, he could keep it?"

"Everybody knows that the media is dishonest. Everybody knows that the media has chosen sides. And yet the media still gets away with being the referee."

"Regarding the Thanksgiving weather, you're toast, if you watch CNN, and live in a narrow swath of the country. It's amazing what that network can do to the people that watch it. It's not very many, thankfully..."

"Obama wanted to go to war to destroy Syria's weapons of mass destruction. And now Obama has Iran, who are Syria's masters, given them the green light to go ahead with their own weapons of mass destruction program."

"This deal with Iran is an absolute potential disaster. But Obama doesn't see enemies where I see enemies. He sees potential friends."

"Obama doesn't see enemies. He sees people who have been wronged by America. Obama sees victims. Obama sees people who have been taken advantage of, or discriminated against by America. I don't have the same worldview he does."


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