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Polls Find Support for "Pathway to Citizenship," But Never Honestly Identify this "Reform" as What It Is: AMNESTY


RUSH: Going to Mount Vernon -- Rob, are you in the state of Washington?

CALLER:  Rush, mega dittos from your inception to the great leftern state of Washington.  We used to be a republic, and unless you want to live on eastern Washington, we are super left over here.  Right now I am in Bellingham.  I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, 60 years ago next month, and I never thought in all my years I would ever live through what we are living through right now.  One other thing before I get to my point and why I wanted to call.  In 1977 I was living down in Southern California and I had a friend who was 67 years old and I was 24, and he'd lived through a lot back then. And he said, "You mark my words that you will see when you grow up, the United States will implode from the inside out." 

I didn't fully understand what he was talking about, but I've been realizing that for many years since then.  Two breaks or so back I was listening to KGMI out of Bellingham up here, and over the news they said there were new polls taken where the majority of the Libertarians, leftists, and conservatives are now for a pathway to citizenship.  I thought to myself, what?  Where is this information at?  Which prompted me to give you a call, because I haven't heard anything about it.  I mean, I know the leftists are, but I don't know --

RUSH:  I have not seen that poll.  Did they identify who did the poll?  He dropped off.  I think he just wanted to get the call letters of the station on the air.  I have not seen such a poll, that a majority of Americans are in favor of a -- now, pathway to citizenship, if they're using that instead of amnesty, you never know what you might get in a poll.


RUSH:  Okay, I found that poll.  I got the poll.  I'm holding that poll right here in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers.  And, naturally, it's from CNN.  Let's see, what's the date?  From two hours ago.  "As the President makes another pitch for immigration reform Monday --" and he is, he's out there.  Anything they can do to distract from Obamacare.  But I should also say that the news from the Republican side in Washington is, "Oh, yeah, we're gonna get this done by the end of the year." Boehner's office, any number of Republicans, "Oh, yeah, amnesty, oh, yeah, comprehensive reform, oh, yeah, we'll get that done by the end of the year."  It's all over the news. 

"As the President makes another pitch for immigration reform Monday, recent polls show a majority of Americans support allowing undocumented immigrants to stay in the United States and apply for citizenship. But one poll indicates Americans are divided over whether immigration reform should be considered an immediate priority. A Public Religion Research Institute survey released Monday (but conducted earlier this month) indicates 63% of adults nationwide favor allowing undocumented immigrants to become citizens if they meet certain requirements.

"Another 14% prefer they become legal residents only, while 18% support the idea of deporting those who came to the United States illegally. Four percent are unsure or did not give an answer," or don't know what the subject is.  "On whether immigration reform should be a top priority, only 41% say it should be tackled immediately. ... According to a Quinnipiac University survey from earlier in November, 57% of registered voters nationwide support a pathway to citizenship, while 13% say --"

Look, folks, you know what's going on here.  They're not using the word "amnesty" in these polls.  They're using "pathway to citizenship."  Should they be allowed to stay and apply for citizenship?  Blah, blah, blah.  I mean, it's the Wilder Effect in reverse here.  The people responding here do not want to be seen as bigots.  I'll you tell, I didn't put enough stock in something that I should have.  We had a call last week from a woman who explained very elegantly how people like her, scattered all over America, are just afraid to open their mouths in criticism of Obama because they are scared to death of being bullied or being called racists or what have you. 

Her point was, now it's becoming a little bit more socially acceptable to criticize Obama, and she thinks that's why the polls are turning.  It was her opinion that people have always felt negatively toward Obama.  They just haven't had the courage to say so in a poll.  They've been scared to death and what primarily frightened them was being thought of or accused of being racist.  And I said, "Is it that big a deal?"

"Oh, Rush, nobody wants to be called that. Nobody wants to get in arguments with people at restaurants.  Nobody wants to be involved in any controversy."

This is not something most people want, and so they just lay down and they don't say what they really think.  And I knew that that was going on.  But again, I didn't realize just how much it was.  So, given her call, and I think she's right, I think a poll that shows you 63% support a pathway to citizenship so they can apply for, or a poll that says 63% favor allowing them to become citizens if they meet certain requirements. I don't think you're gonna have people, given this is a hot-button issue, and it does involve what people think is race and ethnicity, and the pollsters know this.  But they're not using the word "amnesty."  If they go out and ask the question, "Should undocumented aliens who are here illegally be automatically granted citizenship?" what do you think the poll would show?

And that's what the pollsters are attempting to say is happening.  The pollsters are trying to convey here that via the results of their survey, the majority of Americans are in favor of just making them citizens right now.  And that's not what the questions are.  Pathway to citizenship and applying for citizenship is a far different thing than the waving of a magic wand and making them citizens tomorrow, which is what they're not being asked.  But it doesn't matter because the poll is out there that a majority of Americans support comprehensive immigration reform.  And comprehensive immigration reform is amnesty, although nobody's saying that, at least on the side that supports it. 

My guess is that there are enough stupid people out there who probably don't think there is any way to become a citizen except by sneaking into the country.  I bet you'd be surprised at how many people think that's the only way you can do it, is sneak in.  No, no, you're born here, you're a citizen.  No, no, no, you gotta sneak in.  That's why so many people are doing it, and it's unfair that we're making people sneak in.  If I found that 5% or so thought that, I wouldn't be surprised at all.


RUSH: Here's Obama in San Francisco talking up amnesty -- and it's a distraction, but he's also dead serious about it, folks.  Pedal to the metal, full-court press.  He knows he's got maybe one year to get the rest of his agenda done, and he's not gonna stop.



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