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We Won't Be Distracted from the Obamacare Fraud


RUSH: In the Health Care Stack today there must be three, maybe four, stories from people who believed Obama's promise and then found that, not only are they not being charged $2,500 less for their premiums and they don't get to keep their plan with their doctor, they're finding out that their costs are doubling and tripling -- and they're livid. They're mad.  "Yeah, well, the American people should have known. 

"We're Americans. We should know this," and I agree.  Everything would be so much better if the American people just knew.  But try as hard as so many of us did, they don’t. We told them for three years what the truth of this Obamacare was going to be.  But it's like anything else: They had to experience it.  They didn't want to believe it.  There's more and more of these stories of people finding this out, and one of the things that they're finding is what they have to pay for.

One of the examples in this Stack is a 41-year-old woman who is being forced to buy maternity coverage.  She's 41, she's not going to have another child, she has her family, and she's told that the reason her old plan doesn't qualify is 'cause it doesn't have maternity care and birth control, contraception.  She says, "I don't want that."

It doesn't matter.

You have to buy it.


RUSH:  By the way, for you Millennials out there, CNN has the bad news.  "A CNN analysis shows that in the largest city in nearly every state, many low-income younger Americans won't get any subsidy at all. Administration officials said the reason so many Americans won't receive a subsidy is that the cost of insurance is lower than the government initially expected."  The Regime is saying the young can afford it.  So there's no subsidy for you Millennials.  Right here at CNN, they say you can afford it.  You can't afford it.  Most of you do not have career jobs.  Most of you came out of college and you still can't find anything.  The Obama economy

You know, folks, I've told you countless times, probably to the point of boredom, that I, as a hobby, read a lot of high-tech news, gadget news, blogs and so forth.  I read it to find the latest information on the gadgets that I like, and I read this stuff to find out what's coming.  I like the rumors.  I like the gossip in high tech about the gadgets.  But in the process, I can't avoid encountering liberalism everywhere in these blogs.  It's a fascinating case study for me, because, again, remember my conversation over the weekend with the friend about the Iranian deal when I posited, most people don't even know, don't care.  Iran, nukes, why, what's the big deal? To the extent that they know about it they think it's unfair that we should deny Iran the right to have a nuke. If we can have one, why can't they, blah, blah. 

And the reaction I got, the response was, "We're Americans, we shouldn't have to be told these things.  We should know these things." Well, that's absolutely right.  But one of the things I've noticed in reading the tech blogs, these are Millennials.  These are young people.  They think they're journalists, but they all -- well, not all.  I don't read them all.  But the vast majority of the ones I read, all of these people think that they're scientists because of their pursuit of technology and the related computer sciences.  They do think that they're all scientists or scientifically oriented.  As such they believe everything governments say about global warming. 

And that's another thing.  I have found that they all accept the word of government as gospel on whatever it is:  health care, global warming, you name it, if the government says it, it's true.  I'm guessing that these are people in their twenties, maybe some are a little older.  But it's how they've been educated and, in many cases, raised.  The government is the authority.  The UN is the government and whatever they say about global warming, it's true.  There's no skepticism at all of anything that that I ever encounter.  Maybe a couple of sites have people that are skeptics of this stuff, but almost universally, if the government says it, it's gospel. 

There's no questioning.  There's no suspicion whatsoever.  And if they are hit with such skepticism by others, it doesn't compute.  They don't get it.  And so, global warming is definite, it's caused by man, and -- (interruption) Well, that's my point.  Why am I reading about that in a gadget tech blog?  That's a good question.  But they're all over the place.  And I'm telling you, they are as liberal as the sports media is, as the news media is.  It's actually fascinating and I engage in this as a study to find out what we're up against and what kind of things would have to succeed in changing to make any real progress.  So I thought, okay, how can I explain Obamacare in a way that they would understand. 

Now, my buddy Andy McCarthy had a fabulous piece over the weekend.  His great pieces are posted on Saturday at National Review Online.  This piece had to do with the scheme behind Obamacare, the mechanism.  He examines the lies and "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" and all that, the scheme, it was a great piece.  And I wrote him a note back, and I said, "Andy, what you've described here --" and I want to share with you what I wrote as an attempt here, a meager, I'm sure, flailing attempt to explain to these starstruck... I mean, Obama's the beginning and the end of the world with these young people.

Now, I've noticed there's some fallout starting to happen everywhere with Obama. I mean, the bloom's off the rose, and I'm not denying that, but still there's a large group of 'em, it's fascinating, folks, it really is, where government is never wrong, final authority, government says it, that's it.  The only thing they're upset about, the only thing is the NSA spying thing.  They just can't believe Obama would do that.  Anything else, gospel. 

So what is, as a means of trying to explain the tech world, Obamacare?  Obamacare is essentially a computer virus, knowingly sold as clean software to trusting customers.  And as this virus crashes people's computers -- and, by the way, it collects all of their private data while this is happening. It promises to improve their system, while this virus is knowingly sold as clean software that improves your operating system and makes you more productive, and makes it cheaper, as the virus crashes people's computers while collecting all their private personal data at the same time, the Regime still markets and sells and distributes it, even while the virus is crashing people's computers. 

Then, when everyone's computers crash, the Regime offers their solution to people with crashed computers, and that is brand-new software installed by the Regime that only has one operating system:  the Regime's operating system.  And the only way you'll be able to use your computer is through the Regime's operating system.  Your only options are what they make available.  Thus, single payer socialized Internet. Single payer socialized medicine.  Obamacare is a virus.  It's tearing everybody's computer, i.e., health care, apart.  And while this is happening the Regime continues to sell, market and distribute it, while people's computers continue to crash.  People's health care continues to crash.  The people who can fix your computer leave the industry.  Doctors are leaving health care.  It's a little bit more involved than that, but that's just a brief analysis. 



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