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25 Things Influential People Do Better ... That Story Going Around About White Suicide Saving the Planet is Satire ... UK School Threatens to Brand Noncompliant Kids Racists ...

Robotic Liberals Who Get Their Health Care Cancelled Because of Obamacare Will NEVER Turn on Obama

RUSH: The loyalty to the cause is far greater than you can possibly imagine, folks.  It's their life. It's their religion.  With these people, it's not even a practiced belief.  It is their religion. ... Now, folks, this story Lisa Myers has here at NBC News: "Large Employers Cite Obamacare 'Cadillac' Tax in Reducing Benefits," and this involves, in this case, a university professor.  I have the details.

If Baldwin and Logan Get Canned for Slurs and Lying, How Come Bashir and Barack Get Off?

RUSH: If Martha MacCallum had gone on Fox and said that Sarah Palin ought to be... what Bashir said, I guarantee you Roger Ailes would have stormed out of his office and down to the studio and they would have been yanked off the air that moment. ... You know, just to show you how our sense of proportion is all out of whack, let me ask you: What is worse, Lara Logan's report on Benghazi, or Obama lying and destroying health care in America?  Who should be taking a leave of absence?  If you ask me, Lara Logan is a piker compared to what Obama has done.


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