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Jeff Lord's Review of Rush Revere


RUSH: So I got a note this morning from somebody who had read a review of Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  It's at American Spectator, and it's a review by a man named Jeff Lord.  We've cited his work on this program.  I have to tell you, folks, I'm kind of speechless, it is such a wonderful review.  I printed it out, and it's nine pages.  It just over the top, and I'm not used to this.  You know, I don't know quite how to explain it, but I wrote him a note and I told him I feel profoundly humbled because I'm not accustomed to this kind of treatment and reaction. 

I'm more used to the kind of crap that I just shared with you.  But the review of this book, it's just incredible.  I've told Koko Jr. I want to link to it.  The headline: "Rush Limbaugh Saves the Pilgrims," and he goes into great detail about the state of public education today, status, and examples of the kind of stuff that's being taught, the kind of stuff that's appearing in textbooks and explains why Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims is so important.  But it's just an incredibly great review of the book. 

I had to take some time here to, A, tell you about it, and, B, do my best at offering all of our thanks to Jeff Lord.  Jeff was part of the Reagan administration. He was in the political department of the Reagan administration. He is just a great guy, and I'm very familiar with his work overall, but I had no idea that this was coming, and it's just... It's indescribably good.  I can't thank him enough.  I hope all of you get a chance to look at it.  'Cause it's just... Compared to the usual stuff, it's just... I'm not used to it.  I'm smiling ear to ear because of it, it's so good, and we are all so appreciative.  Again, the American Spectator, Rush Limbaugh saves the Pilgrim, a review by Jeff Lord. 

RUSH: Now, tomorrow (Wednesday) is our pre-Thanksgiving show, and there's a tradition, and that tradition is I always read from my book, the Real Story of Thanksgiving, which I will probably do again tomorrow, even though the Real Story of Thanksgiving is once again in my new book, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims.  But that leads to another difference that we're gonna do on actual Thanksgiving Day on the program, which I will explain in detail tomorrow.




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