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"You know, just to show you how our sense of proportion is all out of whack, let me ask you: What is worse, Lara Logan's report on Benghazi, or Obama lying and destroying health care in America? Who should be taking a leave of absence?"

"Somebody wrote the script for that heckler, and it allowed Obama to portray the Limbaugh Theorem, 'Yeah, I agree with you, I'm trying to fix it. I'm working with Congress, but, you know, I just can't make law any time I want to.'"

"Obama is now stacking his personal appearances with hecklers."

"In 2010 the Tea Party came to life, and Democrats were shellacked in a landslide, midterm election. There wasn't one Republican issue on the ballot, and there wasn't one Republican on the ballot. It was the midterms. There was no single individual people were voting for. There was not a campaign theme. What happened in 2010 was people arose over Obamacare and over the debt and said 'no.'"

"You only get one life and it was not meant to be spent in total denial. And contrary to popular belief, it was not meant to be spent in total suffering, particularly the self-induced kind of suffering."

"The majority of people who spend most of their lives in denial or in suffering or not in denial but denying themselves things because somehow that's gonna prolong their life but they're miserable at the same time. I mean, the answer to all this stuff is just live your life. And use your own instincts. You are capable of doing what's best for you, contrary to what the government says or the Democrat Party."

"Everybody screws up now and then, but there's nobody out there who cares more about you and your future than you do, contrary to what many people think."

"You can find wherever you go whatever you want to hear in terms of diet, exercise, and food to back up what you already believe. My point is much larger. Ignore it."

"Snerdley is shouting. His experience is if he looks at food he gains weight. Well, I can relate to that, too."

"Obama could not disappoint the low-information crowd or make them mad no matter what he did, unless he turned conservative."

"The young people, the Millennials that voted for Obama, they don't yet know that they were the guinea pigs."

"No matter what happens to their health care, they're gonna stay loyal to The Messiah, which goes back and forth from a tree to Obama. When Obama's not president, the messiah for them is a tree or some part of nature. When Obama's the top dog, then he's the messiah. And it's blind faith. It's total blind faith."

"I'm telling you, these people are reprehensible. They are mean. They are extremist. They are constantly filled with rage and anger."

"The New York Times admits that Obamacare is simply wealth redistribution. A stunning admission." 


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