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25 Things Influential People Do Better
RUSH:  Now, folks, once again, a promise has been unmet, almost: It's "25 Things Influential People Do Better Than Anyone Else."  Not successful people.  It's 25 Things Influential People Do Better Than Anyone Else  It's a Forbes article, and I want to eventually spend some time on it. Let me just give you a few of the characteristics.  "They are fantastic public speakers. The ability to make the mundane -- interesting. They have exceptional interpersonal skills.

"They have more passion about their interests. They find the positive in things.  They have superior powers of persuasion. They have the confidence to act," and not just talk. "They maintain an intense focus. They can instantly energize a room. They have more charisma. They have remarkable networks" of people that they know. "They are talented multi-taskers. ... They have excellent timing. They freely give out compliments. They leverage technology to improve their reach.

"They are more prepared. They are equally productive when they travel," and there are five more. It's basically me, folks, essentially.  I'm sure that's what you were thinking as you heard each of these characteristics that I was describing myself.  Ahem.  No, seriously, these are 25 things they do. "They are kinder.  They are ethical. They don’t have an off switch.

"They build trust. They spot trends." Again, these are "25 Things Influential People Do Better Than Anyone Else," not 25 things successful people do.  It may be a distinction without a difference, but I think as you hear the explanation and the details for some of these things, you would understand the difference.  So I'll save that 'til tomorrow (Wednesday). 

That Story Going Around About White Suicide Saving the Planet is Satire
RUSH: There's a professor -- find this here -- just found this yesterday.  Surprised I haven't heard of this guy.  His name -- he's Massachusetts College of Art.  Now, I never heard of the Massachusetts College of Art.  I know that there are over 55 major universities in the Boston area.  So this obviously is one of them.  And there's a professor there, a liberal professor named Noel Ignatiev, yes, I have and I'll spell it I-g-n-a-t-i-e-v.  Might be Ignatiev, who knows how he pronounces it.  And he is actually teaching -- and I am not making this up.  He is actually teaching and telling white male students to commit suicide to benefit society.  The key to solving the social problems of our age is to abolish the white race.  There's a transcript of this lecture published at a website called Diversity Chronicle, which agrees with the guy.  Well, now they tell me that this professor's story has been debunked.  Well, it just showed up in a major blog last night.  Okay, so the story is a satire, it's a major blog.  Where did it show up?  Did not -- I have to click on the link to find out 'cause the print -- Washington Times reported it in September 2002.  You know, why does something like that work?  There are professors who teach that the problem with the planet is human beings.  There are environmentalist wackos who teach that the world would be much better if there were no human beings.  And the left is filled with these kinds of -- these -- these extremists.


RUSH:  There's a professor, Noel Ignatiev, at the Massachusetts Institute of Art.  He exists, and he is a radical leftist, and he has taught outrageous things. That's why this outfit called Diversity Chronicle -- which is a satire website, and they're actually pretty funny -- created the satire on the guy, because there's a basis. You know, all good comedy has truth in it.  That's what makes great comedy funny is that there are elements of truth in it.

For example, this Diversity Chronicle website right now is running a piece: "Brave Woman Comes Forward to Denounce Former Husband’s Repeated Rapes -- After several years of silence a brave and heroic thirty eight year old woman has come forward to denounce her former husband's repeated rapes over the course of their marriage. Despite her numerous appeals, local law enforcement however refuses to treat her allegations seriously.

"These sexist, male-chauvinist, largely white male officers actually state that by her own ..." (chuckling) It is a website that does satire on how white men are blamed for everything, and so that's the root of this professor parody.  Now, this professor has said outrageous things about white people; he's just never suggested they all commit suicide.  But we've chronicled as many of this stuff.

RUSH:  No, no.  Let me close the loop on something.  That professor at the Massachusetts University of Art or whatever it's called. His name is Ignatiev. He is a white abolitionist.  What has this guy done?  He calls himself a white abolitionist, and he's a communist. He's a professed communist, and he does say that he wants to abolish the white race.  He has a website called Race Traitor.  The thing that he hasn't done is ask students to commit suicide.  That was the parody. 

But all the rest of it is true.  He believes the "white race" is the problem in the world, and he's a wacko. He used to teach at Harvard.  I mean, this stuff is out there.  You know, I'm just gonna tell you, folks, for all these 25 years we'd run across stories like this, and like the bullying letter sent to parents.  "You better have your kid on this field trip or we're gonna put a note that he's a racist and it's gonna stay in his college and high school transcripts for the rest of his life and blah, blah."

I'd report that stuff incrementally over all these years. I'd laugh about it, under the idea, "Who's gonna fall for this?"  The fact of the matter is, it's common. It's been taught every day -- and in the process, we have lost control of education.  This stuff that we think is random and occasional is common.  Kids are subjected to this stuff and have been every day in schools all over this country. 

And I hate to say it, looking back on it, but I try to go through life laughing at these things.  It was a mistake to only laugh about it and think that it was isolated.  It's common.  It's everywhere.  These people have simply taken over, and it's something that we're gonna have to reclaim.  The entire education system, we're going to have to reclaim it -- somehow, some way.  It's gonna take pretty massive effort.

UK School Threatens to Brand Noncompliant Kids Racists
RUSH: Now, this thing at the UK school, this is the Littleton Green Community School.  The basic upshot of this is we will brand your eight-year-old kid a racist for life.  The kids were sent home with a letter to the parents. "Dear Parent/Carer, As part of the National Religious Education Curriculum together with the multicultural community in which we live, it is a statutory requirement for Primary School aged children to experience and learn about different cultures. The workshop is at Staffordshire University and will give your child the opportunity to explore other religions. Children will be looking at religious artifacts similar to those that would be on display in a museum.

"They will not be partaking in any religious practices. Refusal to allow your child to attend this trip will result in a Racial Discrimination note being attached to your child's education record, which will remain on this file throughout their school career. As such our expectations are that all children in years 4 and 6 attend school on Wednesday 27th November to take part in this trip." That's an actual scan of the letter from the school sent home to parents.  This is parental bullying.  This comes from Daniel Hannon, the great conservative member of parliament that's often on Fox News. 

Really, they're gonna brand your eight-year-old kid a racist for life if you do not let him attend this field trip.


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