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Robotic Liberals Who Get Their Health Care Cancelled Because of Obamacare Will NEVER Turn on Obama


RUSH:  This is Robert in Vermont.  Robert, great to have you here on the Rush Limbaugh program.  Hi.

CALLER:  Rush, it's a real privilege to speak to you. Thank you for taking my call. 

RUSH:  Thank you, sir.  Thanks very much.

CALLER:  I have to confess I am a college professor, a business professor at a liberal arts college in Vermont.  Needless to say, as I told Snerdley, I am on the endangered species list.  I do want to mention the delicious irony that you're going to witness next year. Among those 80 to 100 million people who are going to lose their health insurance will be the vast majority of faculty at just about every private college and university in the country.  As I'm sure you know, most of them are in financial difficulty, demographic issues, the ridiculous price of tuition, et cetera, et cetera.  And most small and mid-size colleges and universities are going to conclude that they have to end their health insurance for their employees and throw them to the mercies of the exchange.  And so all of these Obama zombies are going to be looking around as if they just discovered there's no tooth fairy, and they're going to be wondering what happened.  I had to call you from the car.  If my wife heard that I was rooting to see my health insurance cancelled, I think my life insurance policy would have to kick in, but you wait 'til next year, and I think you're --

RUSH:  Wait a second.  Wait just a second. 


RUSH:  Did I just hear you say that you are rooting for your policy to be cancelled?

CALLER:  No, I'm rooting for my employer to stay alive financially, and if what it takes is for them to --

RUSH:  Oh, yeah.

CALLER:  -- save 12 to $15,000 a year that they currently pay --

RUSH:  Well, you've nailed it.  I mean, that's exactly going to be why.  But, you see what Obama's gonna do is come along and blame the insurance companies or blame Republicans. Hell, blame me, for this.

CALLER:  Absolutely.

RUSH:  Look, you know what?  I have seen enough.  There have been stories, Robert, out of San Francisco, which for Obama, that's the home field.  Even more so than Chicago.  San Francisco is home field.  There are dyed-in-the-wool, robotic liberals out there who have had their insurance cancelled.  They have lost it all.  They're fundraisers for Obama.  I've seen two different stories on this, different people, families, man and wife.  They've had their insurance cancelled.  They have decided that they are going to reduce their income in order to qualify for subsidies. 

And they still support Obama.  And they still support Obamacare, even though -- (interruption) well, you can shake your head in there, but that's what the news said.  (laughing)  I know they're not the average people, but what I'm saying is, how many -- Look, the vast majority of professors in this country are gonna be Obama groupies.  They're not gonna blame Obama.  That's my point.  Just like in San Francisco.  These two people that raised money, donated money, they lost it all because of Obama.  They don't blame him. They still love him. They still support him. They're still gonna do whatever fundraising he asks 'em to do, and what they're gonna do is they're gonna reduce their income so that they qualify for subsidies in order to get their insurance back.  They are going to significantly reduce.

These people combined are well into six figures, and they are going to reduce their combined income to 50 grand a year just to save their health care that somebody else pays for.  I've seen two different examples.  My point is that, Robert, I know you're looking for some schadenfreude out there, and you may not get it, is my point.  I can think of no more loyal group of people than the professor community.  I mean, who are they?  They are the propagandists.  They are the indoctrinators.  They are the true believers. 

Obama could not disappoint them or make them mad no matter what he did, unless he turned conservative.  But whatever he does, as a Marxist socialist, they're going to support no matter how it impacts them.  And they will be under the impression that at the end of the day, it won't affect them anyway, that he will find a way to take care of them just as he's found a way to take care of the unions.  Now, Robert in Vermont, I would love it if your dream of this comes true, but you tell me.  You know these professors.  Do you actually see the ones you know abandoning Obama?

CALLER:  Absolutely not.  I was trying to inject too, Rush, that the one group we might have some hope for are the young people.  I ask in class if people understand the full consequences of this law for them, and I get the deer in the headlights look.  Let me tell you a very quick anecdote.  Our daughter, after she finished grad school, lived with us briefly. She was working part time at the college and we bought her a high deductible policy for $57 a month, $25,000 deductible, but it gave her a break if she had to go to doctor. It covered her prescriptions after the first $250.  That is all a young, healthy woman needs.  Anyway, that policy is now illegal, and I just had lunch two weeks ago with a former student of mine, Rush, who works for that same insurance company and the cheapest policy they're gonna offer under-30s, catastrophic care here in Vermont will be $300, actually 350.  That's tough for a young person.  I don't think the young people get it.  I think that they're not --

RUSH:  Young people, that's a different story.  They don't.  The young people, the Millennials that voted for Obama, they don't yet know that they were the guinea pigs.  You are dead-on right about that.  They do not know that they are the marks.  "What do you mean by that, Mr. Limbaugh?"  This is the voice of Mr. New Castrati.  "Well, the Millennials are the ones who are supposed to pay the freight for everybody, Mr. New Castrati." 

See, the Regime figures that young Millennials that are working, making a lot of money, you know, supporting Obama, they'll go in and pay these new rates, and since they don't make any claims 'cause they're healthy, they're not gonna be using health care, but they're gonna be buying a lot of it, and that'll pay for the elderly and the sick.  The problem is, they don't have any money, 'cause they can't find work. 

The second problem is, most of 'em remain on mommy and daddy's policy 'til age 26, so they're not even gonna be in the market themselves until they hit age 27 and are kicked out or otherwise leave the house.  So the primary funding mechanism breaks down.  The primary funding mechanism for Obamacare does not happen.  Now, when the young people find out -- and these are the true believers. These are people who believed Obama and everything he said.  When they find out that they are the soakees, you could get your schadenfreude there.  But I don't think the professorial community -- I say that facetiously -- I just don't see the professor community abandoning Obama en masse in great numbers. 

The loyalty to the cause is far greater than you can possibly imagine, folks.  It's their life. It's their religion.  With these people, it's not even a practiced belief.  It is their religion.  You know, liberalism, the New Deal is their Bible, abortion is their sacrament.  There's no talking them out of it, and there's no real life experience. You're a Christian.  Could anything happen to make you renounce it?  Anything somebody says?  Is there anything, say, an atheist could do to make you renounce your Christianity?  There isn't.  Well, that's the same kind of deal we have with these people and Obama.  It's their religion. 

No matter what happens to their health care, they're gonna stay loyal to The Messiah, which goes back and forth from a tree to Obama.  When Obama's not president, the messiah for them is a tree or some part of nature.  When Obama's the top dog, then he's the messiah.  And it's blind faith.  It's total blind faith.  Just like whatever you in your religion is, because faith is all you got.  Nobody can prove their religion.  Faith is it.  That's what's so important about faith.  And these people, that's why they rip into Christianity so much, it's why they hate it.  It's a threat.  It's a threat to their own religion. It's a threat to their own religious beliefs.  That's why they target the Catholics so much. 

Hell, look at this.  Georgetown University: "Complementary Condom Delivery Service at Catholic Georgetown University Reportedly Plagued with Vandalism Problems -- Students say envelopes of condoms they placed on their doors have been repeatedly been torn down. A student threatened to donate to Planned Parenthood for each act of vandalism," and this is from the Campus Reform website. "Members of a liberal student group at Catholic Georgetown University in Washington DC, say unknown vandals have repeatedly ripped down envelopes full of condoms they place on their doors as part of a campus-wide 'condom delivery service.'

"H*yas for Choice, the student group which describes itself as -pro-choice, pro-reproductive justice,- began offering the condom service at the prestigious Catholic school in the fall. Georgetown’s administration said it would not interfere with the displays -- despite the school’s Catholic affiliation -- because dorm rooms are 'free speech zones,' according to an article in Catholic Education Daily."
Well, hell's bells, folks! If a Catholic institution is not even gonna stand up for itself, in this case Georgetown...

You'd never see the libs cave in like this.  Their religion is never gonna cave like this.  Honest to God, folks, they have a condom delivery service at Georgetown.  Can these people not see how that objectifies women on that campus?  What the hell is the purpose of a condom?  And they're doing this under the guise of "reproductive justice"?  How hard is it to have a condom on hand? Uh, how hard is it to have a condom handy at all times. 

Why in the world do you need a condom delivery service unless you are a skinflint who thinks that everybody else ought to be buying your condoms and your birth control pills?  And we happen to know that the hardware plenty of them, and at Georgetown.  Dormitory doors are free-speech zones? Dormitory doors? So the administration can't step in and stop the complimentary condom delivery service at Georgetown University?

So I just don't see the professor community betraying, falling out with Obama. 

Now, folks, this story Lisa Myers has here at NBC News: "Large Employers Cite Obamacare 'Cadillac' Tax in Reducing Benefits," and this involves, in this case, a university professor.  I have the details. 


RUSH: Now, NBC News Lisa Myers.  "Aaron Baker, 36, his wife Billie and their two young children are covered under a generous health insurance plan offered by the private Midwestern university where he's worked for 10 years. When they opened their benefits notice this year, they were pleased to see their $385 premium is only up by four dollars next year.

"However, they were shocked to discover that instead of covering the first dollar they spend with no deductible, the Baker's plan now includes a $1,000 deductible and a $2,500 out of pocket maximum. They also will still have small co-pays for services. According to the enrollment notice, the changes are 'to relieve future health plan trend pressure and to put the university in a position to avoid the excise tax that becomes effective in 2018.'"

Now, meanwhile, Obama and the media have been telling us that employers cannot be moving employees to part-time jobs yet because the employer mandate has been delayed to 2015, but this 40% excise tax -- this is the Cadillac tax -- is part of Obamacare and is levied on the most generous health plans.  So this guy has been shocked. Even though his premium only went up four bucks, everything else is priced out of control, and employers are cutting benefits left and right.  Sixty percent of employees are gonna see benefit changes or outright cancellations, and it's yet to hit yet in this market. 

All it's hit so far is the individual market. 


RUSH: Now, I want to go back. One thing here about the Cadillac tax on these health care plans, this Lisa Myers story, 'cause her story dovetails with our caller Robert in Vermont.  He's the college professor who said that he is dreaming of the day all these other professors learn that Obamacare results in them losing their insurance. 

Now, my guess is that this Lisa Myers NBC report ties into what he was saying because I would bet you that a lot of these private colleges offered Cadillac plans instead of higher salaries.  I mean, that's how important health care has become to people.  It's gotten so expensive that people have accepted reduced salaries in exchange for a health care benefit.  A lot of universities have gone that way, have offered these Cadillac plans, the top flight plan to compete for professors, and they do it by offering that instead of higher salaries, and they are gonna get socked with this 40% excise tax on the value of these plans. 

The point is that Obamacare is redistribution and even the New York Times has admitted this now.  A stunning admission.  The New York Times admits that Obamacare is simply wealth redistribution.  I mean, they do it begrudgingly.  It doesn't matter, in the eyes of Obamacare, anybody who is judged to be rich is going to pay a price for it, and in this case it is just assumed that everybody's who's got a Cadillac plan and everybody who offers Cadillac plans has more money than they need and they're gonna get socked with a 40% excise tax on the value of those plans, which means one thing:  Those plans are gonna go away.  The universities that offer them are gonna cancel 'em.  They can't afford the 40% tax.  Nobody can. 

But to people like Obama, the golden goose is the golden goose and it's always gonna be there, and there's always tons of money. It was like I was telling you last week, you people that have small businesses, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  People like Obama, Democrats, the left, remember, these people don't have, for the most part, any private sector experience.  And they think, they believe, folks, I am not exaggerating.  They, mostly all of them believe that businesses are all just awash in money, that the owners or the CEOs hoard money for themselves, for their fancy homes and cars. They do this by exploiting their employees, abusing their employees, not paying them enough, and by ripping off their customers. 

This is exactly what and how Obama and most people on the left view capitalism.  Big or small, business cheats people, kills people, and abuses their employees.  Doesn't pay them anything, doesn't care what they make, doesn't care about their health care.  All they care about is maintaining this massive amount of income.  And so these companies that offer these Cadillac plans to their employees and executives, Obamacare slaps a 40% excise tax on 'em because, A, it's unfair they should have plans better than anybody else, and, B, they've got the money to pay the tax anyway.  So, with every tax that is levied, the first thing that happens is people who are taxed take action to avoid it. 

These universities that offer these Cadillac plans to their professors are gonna be like everybody else.  They're gonna cancel the plan to avoid the tax.  They're going to restructure so they don't offer Cadillac plans.  And so Obama and his merry band of leftist Marxists is gonna look at this and scratch their heads and wonder what the hell happened.  "Why don't they just pay the money?  They've got more than they need.  We're counting on that money.  Who do you think you are?  You can't just cancel a plan." 

"Yeah?  Well, you watch us.  'Cause we don't have it!  We don't have 40% above and beyond what we're already owing to give you.  And the only way not to pay it to you is to cancel it," and what's gonna happen.  That's what the Lisa Myers story is.  A professor at some college is going to lose his plan, 'cause it's a Cadillac plan that his university offers.  They're just canceling it, and he woke up one day very happy to see his premium go up four bucks and then a week later he finds out he doesn't have a policy.  I know you think I'm being too general, maybe painting with too broad a brush.  I'm not, when I tell you the way your average ignorant, no practical private sector experience liberal sees the private sector. 

You know I'm right, because you know how they despise capitalism.  Why do they despise it?  'Cause they think it's unfair.  They think it's rigged by the people who are in management, ownership, or what have you.  It's a rigged system in order to enrich themselves at the expense of everybody else.  That also is the way they view the founding of the country.  A bunch of elitist, moneyed, propertied people founded a country to enrich themselves while exploiting the citizens, and they set it up to last in perpetuity.  Ergo, the country is unjustly founded, immorally founded, and here comes Obama and his merry band of Marxists to wave their magic wand and make it all fair and make it all equal and make it all equitable.

One of the things they do is like he told Joe the Plumber, "Gonna spread the wealth around."  That means they're gonna raise taxes on the people they despise.  And the people they despise are people who are accomplished and achieved, because those people have more money than other people.  They're called rich, and Obama despises them.  Well, he doesn't despise all of them.  He loves the Hollywood rich, and he loves the academic rich.  He loves athlete rich.  But he doesn't like Exxon rich, and he doesn't like -- pick your business.  He doesn't like any other rich.  Well, he doesn't universally hate corporate rich.  I mean, he loves GE rich if he can manipulate 'em by getting in a corporatist relationship with the CEO.  Depends on the corporation. 

But overall, it's not painting with too broad a brush when I describe the way they see all business, large or small.  They don't understand.  They really don't, folks.  They do not understand how fragile most small businesses are.  If you try to tell them that a lot of small-business people will go unpaid in a month in order to pay their bills and their employees, a business will sometimes borrow money to grow, sometimes it has to, sometimes, you know, it's very competitive out there, and whatever business you're in, there are competitors.  You have to do things to attract customers and keep them.  And sometimes the people that own these businesses, well, they're always the last to be paid. 

Sometimes they go a full month without paying themselves, sometimes longer.  These guys don't understand that.  They think they're taking from the pile first.  They're taking what they want, unfair amount, by the way, first, and then the employees get screwed. No raises, no decent salaries, no health care, no benefits, no pension, no whatever.  And the customers are getting shafted because the products either kill 'em or make 'em sick or put 'em at risk or what have you.  I mean, it's how they look at it.  And they think they're better people, they're more caring, and they believe in everybody being equal. 

So they want to get control of all this and redistribute the wealth so that everybody does well, except you just bring all production to a screeching halt when you do that.  So everybody ends up with very little. Maybe they're all equal, but everybody's equally miserable.  That's the extent of it.  It's never worked anywhere in the world.  It sounds good when you have a messianic figure like Obama describing it.  Utopia sounds good, doesn't it?  Somebody talks about utopia, "Oh, yeah, boy, that would be great."  It's not possible. 

But, boy, God, it sounds great, oh, yeah, we should try that.  Nobody gets sick. Everybody has a house. Everybody has a car. Everybody has three phones. Oh, yeah, wonderful.  Nobody hates anybody and there isn't any racism. There's no discriminatio. Nobody gets bullied and nobody gets made fun of and nobody says things that people don't want to hear. Yeah, that's for me. And Obama runs around and he convinces low-information people he can make it happen.  

RUSH: Mark in Ann Arbor, Michigan, it's great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Rush, with I want to take you back to the days when Obamacare passed the House.  Bart Stupak and six Democrats were gonna vote "no" unless the statute was changed to prohibit abortion coverage by the Obamacare policies.  Obama refused to change the statute but promised Stupak he would establish the prohibition by executive order, and he got their needed votes.  Three years later, these policies require abortion, there's lawsuits with the Supreme Court.  The question is, has anybody asked Stupak and these Democrats if they feel that Obama lied to them?

RUSH:  Actually, I think somebody did once ask Stupak about it and he ran from it.  I don't remember specifically, but I think somebody did track Stupak down and ask him how he felt about basically being used.  Did you think really that Stupak fell for that anyway?

CALLER:  I don't know.  I mean, they ran him out of Congress after that.  It's bad enough when he lies to us, Rush.  But when he lies to his own congresspeople and his own party, I mean, what do they think of this guy?

RUSH:  You mean Obama?

CALLER:  No, what do the Democrats in Congress think of this guy when he lies to a congressman in his own party?

RUSH:  Well, now, that is an interesting question.  And, in fact, there's an app for that.  (laughing) There is a story about that in the Stack today about the Democrats and how they do not trust Obama and how they are running away from Obama. "Democrats Lose 2014 Edge Following Obamacare Uproar."  I can't find the exact story, but it's here in the Stack someplace, about this very phenomenon.  And the only thing, you know, I think they'll say that now, but remember, they all voted for this.  Every one of these people voted for it.  Now they want their do-over in public when it comes time to get reelected.  Now they want to act like they're no friend of Obama. 

Here it is.  Politico:  "As Deadline Nears, Ticking Clock on Democrat Patience -- Democrats are preparing to launch broadsides against President Barack Obama if the Affordable Care Act website isn’t fixed by the end of the month. That will come in the form of more aggressive scrutiny in Republican-led oversight hearings, open advocacy for further delay in the enrollment deadline and individual coverage mandate, and more calls for a staff shake-up in the White House."

Dingy Harry said, "Let’s just wait and see what happens. We’re gonna -- we’re gonna take two weeks off. I’m gonna visit with my five children together for the first time, 16 grandchildren, 44 people for Thanksgiving dinner. Let’s talk about that for a while." Do you think somebody at that table will know the truth about Obamacare and can share it with Dingy Harry? 

What we're being led to believe, Mark, is that the Democrats in Congress are really feeling betrayed and they're really thinking of betraying Obama and running away from him and reading him the riot act and so forth.  But the way you put it, Obama lied to them? They knew.  Every damned one of these Democrats voted for it.  They cannot run from it.  They can act like they didn't know what was in it, but they did.  They also joined this lie, saying if you like your policy, you can keep it; if you hike your doctor, you can keep it.  They knew it and they were out there saying it.  It has been well known for anybody who pays even scant attention that nobody was gonna be able to keep their plan.  I don't have any sympathy for the Democrats.  And asking if they feel betrayed?  They are part of the betrayal. 

It's the American people who've been betrayed.  And I know you know that.  But these stories now about how the Democrats are fit to be tied and thinking of abandoning Obama, that's nothing more than CYA.  That's just the media circling the wagons and trying to protect these guys who are up for reelection next November.  It's not really about the Democrat Party fracturing over this because they're not going to. 

They all voted for this.  This always happens.  The Democrats vote for something that's destructive and wrecks the country, and then we get near an election, and they act like they got hoodwinked and they had no idea. But they never vote against this stuff.  There was a story we had yesterday about the internecine warfare in the Democrat Party.  I don't buy it.  They all vote in lockstep.  It's not changing the way they vote, and I don't fall for this notion that they change what they say as we get near an election. 

Look at what they vote on, look at how they act, and that'll tell you.

There isn't any dissension in the ranks in the Democrat side. None.  We're just being asked to believe there is, as a means of taking some pressure off of Obama and helping salvage these guys' reelection effort.  But it's all smoke and mirrors.  They're just as unified as they've always been.  And the one thing that they did that cannot be erased:  They all voted for this.  There is not one Republican vote for this anywhere.  The Democrats own this lock, stock, and barrel, and there's no reason why any of 'em should be excused or given a pass because they all knew what it was. 



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