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Soon in the NFL: "Abusive Language, Number 75, Offense, 15 Yards From the Point of the Slur, Repeat 1st Down!"


RUSH: Now, you know what the Fritz Pollard Alliance is?  You ever heard of it?  The Fritz Pollard Alliance is essentially an anti-racism group among athletes.  They're very instrumental in the Rooney Rule, for example, in the NFL.  They were instrumental in getting that rule passed, which says that any time there's a head coach opening, a black must be interviewed.  I mean, I've got no brief for the Fritz Pollard Alliance. They're fine, don't misunderstand.  But what they are doing here is fascinating. 

"The Fritz Pollard Alliance continues its push to remove racist language from pro football.  On Monday, the group sent a letter to NFL general counsel Jeff Pash a letter asking that current rules be enforced to result in a 15-yard penalty or ejection for abusive language by players during games. '[W]e believe that the league can address this concern by instructing game day officials to step up enforcement of Rule 12, Section 3, Article 1(b) of the League's Playing Rules, which prohibits the use of 'abusive, threatening, or insulting language or gestures to opponents, officials, teammates, or representatives of the league,' ... 

"'Directing the 'N" word towards others in a place of work is abusive, threatening, and insulting. We believe the league should authorize game day officials to use graduated discipline with warnings, 15 yard penalties and ejections as appropriate.'" Now, what is your first reaction to that?  I guarantee you that most people, upon hearing that, say, "Well, yeah.  Why, that's great. Yeah. 

"They ought to stop making fun of each other, and I don't think it's really nice when one player insults another player's mother.  I really think they ought to stop that, Rush -- and the N-word? That is never acceptable anywhere, and it ought to be a 15-yard penalty."  Now, my reaction to this is a little different.  I think this is so micromanaging. Let's just take the individuality outta everything and let's make everything somebody says punishable if it bothers even one person. 

We cannot have that on the football field.


RUSH:  Now, don't anybody misunderstand.  I am not saying that the use of the N-word is not a big deal.  Don't misunderstand.  I'm not for racism or any of that.  But do we really want the referees in an NFL game to be the speech police next?  Normally, they though a flag, the referee keys the mic, "Holding, offense, number 55, still second down, five-yard penalty."  Can you imagine, flag flies, ref keys the mic, "N-word, number 75, offense, 15-yard penalty, still first down." 

Or how about, the ref throws the flag after a big gainer.  Team, 55 yard pass play, first down, massive bomb, great play, throws the flag, keys the mic, "Abusive language, number 75, offense, insulted the mother of number 65, defense, 15 yards from the point of the slur."  And they mark wherever the insult happened, and they mark 15 yards off. 
You, I don't know, folks.  I think these well-intentioned types who just want to police everything -- a football game is a highly charged emotional situation.  Well, I'm being generous in saying they're well-intentioned.  Snerdley said, "How do we know they're well-intentioned?  How do we know that those leftists are well-intentioned?"  Maybe they're not.  I'm just trying to be understanding and open-minded about it. 

But what's next?  Are we gonna have forced diversity on the rosters?  Okay, you got 11 guys on offense. You're gonna require six of 'em to be white, three must be Hispanic, two black, and one Asian, the long snapper.  Where does this kind of stuff stop?  No, we've already had the diversity coach.  The San Francisco 49ers had one, Dr. Harry Edwards from Berkeley was actually the diversity coach.  He wasn't called that, but he was there to help the black guys get along with unfair situations they might encounter.  Back during the Montana, Jerry Rice days.  Harry Edwards, people called him the race coach.  I don't know what his actual title was. 

Can you imagine, the referee says, "Abusive language, number 75 offense insulted the mother of number 65, defense, 15 yards from the point of the slur," can you imagine what the crowd will start chanting then?  The crowd will say, "Oh, I wonder what it was?" and the crowd will start chanting whatever they think the slur was and then how do you penalize the crowd?  What are these people gonna do then?  Referee demand the crowd be kicked out of the stadium?  'Cause if we're not gonna let the players use abusive language how can we let the fans use it?  It's a denial of individual...

There's no question we got culture problems, and I understand these people that are trying to protect the business interests of the league here. (interruption) Well, I know.  You tell the team to handle it.  You tell the players to handle it, you say, "Man up," and so forth.  But no, that's the point.  Leftists can never leave it to people to deal with it 'cause they're not capable.  Leftists have to manage it all.  They're the arbiters.  They get to say what's permissible and what isn't.  They get to say what somebody can say, what somebody can't. They get to determine what's offensive and what isn't and who's offensive and who isn't.  They get to.  That's the whole point of this, is exercising control over people and situations, for whatever cockeyed reasons. 



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