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Iran Says Our Regime is Lying About the Nuke Deal ... Bill Ayers Confesses He Wrote Obama's Supposed Autobiography ...

The Real Story of Thanksgiving is Catching on Out There

RUSH: I don't know about you, but, when I went to school, the public school system had not been corrupted, at least not to the extent that it has been today, and I don't think at all, and even I did not get the full story of Thanksgiving when I was a kid.  I didn't learn what it was until I started doing research for my book, one of my first two books in which the original story appears.

It's Sad How Wrong Pope Francis Is (Unless It's a Deliberate Mistranslation By Leftists)

RUSH: I am receiving e-mails from people who are telling me that the pope, his economic writing has been mistranslated.  Now, my first reaction was, "Come on, this document is too big and massive for it to be mistranslated."  But then I caught myself, and this is exactly what the left does.  If they had a chance to take somebody as influential and revered and beloved as the pope and put their words in his mouth, they would do it in a minute.

Democrats Want Single-Payer, But Can't Say So

RUSH: The Democrat Party exists in camouflage.  They cannot ever be honest in national terms.  I mean, they can be honest with their voters in enclaves, like New York or San Francisco, but nationally they can't dare be honest about their agenda or they'll lose.  They only represent 20% of the thinking in this country.

Americans Have Less to Spend for the Holidays Because of Obama's Policies, Not the Government Shutdown!

RUSH: The reason people are gonna be spending less is because they have less, and they have less because Barack Obama's president.  They have less because Barack Obama's economic policies have destroyed jobs.  There are 91.5 million Americans not working.  There are 91.5 million Americans without very much disposable income.  There obviously will be less retail spending this year, and the left knows it.

Obama's Organizing for Action Pushes to Poison Our Thanksgiving Dinners with Obamacare Propaganda

RUSH: It's obvious that the Regime is using today as a massive news and document dump.  They're figuring that nobody is gonna hear the news today that the mandatory enrollment for small business in Obamacare has been delayed now until November of next year.  So while the Organizing for Action faction is out trying to corrupt every Thanksgiving dinner this season tomorrow by proselytizing and propagandizing in Obamacare, they're not gonna tell you about all the bad news and all of the delays and all of the incompetence and the mismanagement, whatever else, the political manipulations.


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