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Americans Have Less to Spend for the Holidays Because of Obama's Policies, Not the Government Shutdown!


RUSH: Folks, just to show you how relentless this stuff is and how oppressive the left is, there's something up on the Fox News Radio site, some survey -- get this, now -- some survey says half of consumers will spend less this holiday season as a direct result of the government shutdown and the threat of another one. 

Now, that's just a crock.  That is total BS.  That is a great illustration of how oppressive and relentless the left is in propaganda and mind control and shaping opinion.  The reason people are gonna be spending less is because they have less, and they have less because Barack Obama's president.  They have less because Barack Obama's economic policies have destroyed jobs.  There are 91.5 million Americans not working.  There are 91.5 million Americans without very much disposable income.  There obviously will be less retail spending this year, and the left knows it. And so, rather than people conclude the obvious, they want it out there that you are gonna spend less because of the government shutdown. 

I don't get the connection.  I guess you just can't go about your day if the government isn't open and operating.  But it's not just that you're gonna spend less this holiday season because of the government shutdown; you are also living in fear. You are quaking in your boots over the next one that might happen in January.  And because the government might shut down, you have to hoard what little money you've got, and that is how they attempt their mind control.  There's absolutely no connection to people's retail spending and the government shutdown.  None.  Zilch, zero, nada. 

The connection to people not having any money is Barack Obama, and of course they can't let that be concluded or assumed. They can't let people decide that, so they have to put it out there that everybody's worried about the government shutdown.  Now, they don't think they're gonna convince you to be worried about the government shutdown.  What they're trying to do is make you think everybody else is concerned about it and that you should be, because you in your natural state would never associate a government shutdown with your retail spending.  But they want you to think a lot of other people are.  Just like they want you to think the economy's bad for everybody when it's not.  It's not for you, but they want you to believe it is for everybody else.

Everybody got paid in the government shutdown.  The people that were shut down, everybody got paid.  The people that work for the government got paid.  I'll tell you, the reason why people are gonna be spending less is because of the tripling of insurance premiums.  The reason people are gonna be spending less is because insurance premiums are doubling and tripling and so are deductibles.  The reason people are gonna have less to spend, disposable income, is because their money's tied up in affording and complying with Obamacare!  And that is what they can't afford for you to realize.  So they put out this pap that everybody's all concerned about the government shutdown and that's why they're hoarding their money because there might be another one. And, "Oh, no, if the government shuts down, nobody has anything!"  It's sick.  It is literally sick.