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Democrats Want Single-Payer, But Can't Say So


RUSH: Nick in Naples, Florida, you're next on the EIB Network.  Hello.  Great to have you here.

CALLER:  God bless you, Rush.  It's such an honor to be able to speak with you.

RUSH:  Thank you, sir, very much.

CALLER:  Yeah, I can finally cross this one off my bucket list.  So I just had a quick question for you.  I'm curious.  I mean, I remember back when Obamacare was being passed, you had talked about them wanting a single-payer system even then. Even if it meant losing a few elections or the chaos that ensued, that for them was almost a necessary evil. So do you think that Democrats, when they're out looking at these poll numbers, are genuinely scared, or is this all unfolding the way they wanted?

RUSH:  Oh, yeah. I do. I really do.  I think they're scared, and here's why -- speaking bluntly, as I am sometimes known to do.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: The Democrat Party exists in camouflage.  They cannot ever be honest in national terms.  I mean, they can be honest with their voters in enclaves, like New York or San Francisco, but nationally they can't dare be honest about their agenda or they'll lose.  They only represent 20% of the thinking in this country.  They have this massive PR firm called the media that totally misrepresents who they are, what they are, and what their agenda is. 

They live and die by polling numbers, Nick, because the polls are the indication of how well they are succeeding as camouflaging who they are.  The higher Obama is in the polls -- approval, likability, all that -- the higher any Democrat is. What that means to them is, the more people fooled, the more people buying it.  As their poll numbers plummet, they fear that people are seeing the truth, and they know they will lose if that keeps up.

That's why you see Democrats making noise about abandoning Obama. I mean, they knew what they were doing when they voted for Obamacare.  They knew exactly what was gonna happen.  But now they're asking for you to believe they didn't know this, they had no intention of this happening, and they're running away from Obama.  It's all to cover the camouflage.  So, yeah, the polling numbers mean significant things.  They don't take it as personal rejection or reprove-al. 

It's how well they're succeeding at fooling people.


RUSH:  Yeah, folks, make no mistake.  I mean, the Democrats, they do want single-payer, government-run socialized medicine. They do want that.  But they want to stay in office at the same time, and all these cancellations equal a lot of angry voters, and the bloom is off the rose.  They're not happy with these polls.



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