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Don't Be Just Another Sheep. Live Life to the Fullest!


RUSH: One other thing.  I actually got a couple of e-mails from people thanking me for something yesterday.  Do you remember the story we had yesterday on the latest health news that alcoholic is not fattening?  Despite everything you've heard of about it, despite the fact it triggers the release of insulin, it's a big myth, alcohol isn't fattening.  They studied 20,000 women over 13 years or something. It was a long time with a lot of women, and they found that the women that consumed moderate amounts of adult beverage actually lost weight and were the skinniest of the bunch, and the women who did not consume adult beverages happened to be the chunkiest, the more full size, is a diplomatic way. 

And my reaction to that -- and this is what people were thanking me for.  You know, folks, I may be redundant in saying this, but I think it's important, and it's not a cliche.  It may sound like one.  We all only get one life.  I think not enough people really are cognizant of that.  I mean, you've heard the old cliche, "Live every day like it's the last."  And of course not everybody can or will or even wants to do that, but still, the point of it is pretty good.  There aren't any real do-overs.  When you've lost the day, you've lost the day.  You don't get it back and you can't go to the bank and borrow another one.  It's gone. 

My only point with all of this stuff is, you've only got one life.  Live it.  Enjoy it.  Do not let all of these different agencies, be they government or special interests or whatever they are, medical groups, don't let them paralyze you with fear over, if you have that peanut you're gonna die 20 years from now. If you're in a room where people are smoking, you're gonna die and get sick.  None of it's true.  We're all gonna die of something, someday, somehow, for some reason, and so forth. But in the meantime, just avoid this sheep business.  You've got one life; live it!  Life really is meant to be lived.

You know, William F. Buckley's birthday was Sunday, and I was really disappointed.  The people at National Review sent me a note on Saturday that I missed. They were doing a little symposium, people that knew Buckley, asking them, "What do you remember most?  What do you miss most about William F. Buckley?"  And I missed it, and I didn't get a chance to participate in it.  What I would have said was, "I don't know very many people who got as much out of life as Bill Buckley did.  The guy really lived his life.  He just did.  Sailing, writing, expert on countless things, intellectual, brilliant, formally, overwhelmingly educated, television star, all of these things." 

It just was incredible.  The energy level that it took is mind-boggling.  That's what Renaissance men are, people that are called Renaissance men.  Not everybody can do that, and I understand not everybody is a self-starter.  Most people aren't.  That's why leadership is so crucial, why leadership is so rare, in fact, because most people are in fact followers.  But nobody has to be sheep.  Not everybody has to be sheep.  If I could wish anything for anybody, break out of the daily narrative of the media, which is filled with nothing but negative, fatalistic, apocalyptic news no matter what it's about.  Expose yourself to it enough and it can't help but affect you and turn you into someone who always sees the negative or who is always at least pessimistic. 

And, yeah, there are things that need fixing, and there are things that are terribly wrong, and there are things to be greatly alarmed about, but at the same time it doesn't mean that you give up.  It doesn't mean that you allow all that stuff to really get in the way of you living your life.  So if you want to have an adult beverage, have it, unless you're medically predisposed to not -- we all have our own instincts, we all have our own intuition, we all know what's right and wrong, we all have that voice.  Most don't listen to it, but we've all got a voice called a conscience.  Well, again, that's not true.  Some people are not raised with right and wrong.  But the vast majority of us are. 

If you're one of those people, you know when you're overdoing something.  You don't need to be told and you don't need to be hemmed in and have your life parameters shrunken by a bunch of busybodies who really aren't interested in anything other than controlling your life and making you live the way they want you to live.  So I got a couple of notes from people thanking me for that perspective and said they're gonna do that.  And if it just means you see a piece of pecan pie and you wanna have it, for crying out loud, and then don't have one the next day, whatever.  The idea that life is meant to be spent in suffering, that there's some valorous pay-off for that, is nonsense.  Self-induced suffering, I mean.  I mean, there's enough suffering anyway without inducing additional amounts.  And that was my only point. 

I'm thankful. I don't know when or how it happened, but I am thankful that I somehow, someday learned to see people on the left as they are, and learned how not to be affected by them, how not to be offended every day and every minute.  It all affects one's attitude.  What we all need here is a little optimism and positive tempered with reality because everything can be fixed and everything can be improved, and much needs to be.  We are Americans, and that makes us blessed.  That makes us exceptional.  Not because we're better than anybody else.  Not because we have been given favorable treatment by God.  None of that. 

What's exceptional about the United States of America is simply that the history of the world is one of tyranny and bondage, most people not having the freedom to say what they want, to do what they want, to own property, to enter into contracts.  That stuff, it was foreign to everybody.  Nobody even contemplated such things.  Most people, from the beginning of time, most people had to spend all their waking moments on staying alive.  We don't now.  We have been liberated from the daily pursuits of finding food and staying alive and warding off attackers, but the primary point about American exceptionalism is that this is the first country that was created and enshrined formally with documents acknowledging the human spirit as created by God, as one that yearns to be free. 

And that enshrinement of the way we have been created by God, simple freedom is what has turned the people who have lived in this country loose to become the most powerful, the most productive, the most technologically advanced people in just 250 years, in all of human history.  And it's all due to our founding.  That's why so many people are devoted to it. It's why so many people are just devoted to saving this country and preventing its transformation into something that it was never intended to be.  So there's a lot to be thankful for here.  There's a lot to get your arms around and realize that we're all in this together, to improve it daily.  Not just for ourselves, but our kids and grandkids.


RUSH:  So American exceptionalism, really no more complicated than the root word, "exceptional," "except."  We are not forced to live the way the vast majority of human beings since the beginning of time have lived on this earth.  We're free.  We have had it officially established that we are primary in our country, not our government, not our leaders, not our king.  We don't have a king.  We have a document that for the first time in the world limited the role of government in everybody's life.



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