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Pearls of Wisdom

"Thanksgiving is a season I take very seriously, because I am deeply thankful. I try to take the occasion of this day, the day before Thanksgiving, to share some of that with you, and extend wishes from the highly overrated staff who wish you the same."

"In the same amount of time that it took this country in the forties to win World War II in the Pacific and the European theaters, today, in the same amount of time, this government can't even build a website. That is not insignificant."

"As bad as things look to us, politically, the Drive-By Media, the establishment, the Democrat Party and so forth don't compare to what the Pilgrims faced and went through, or the people who founded and established the country. That's why you are all utterly important."

"Go back to the 1930s, Great Depression, look at the building that occurred: the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, the Hoover Dam. Today, in the same amount of time all those bridges were built, we haven't finished the environmentalist impact study of whatever it is somebody wants to build somewhere. We've handcuffed ourselves with overbearing government regulations at all levels: federal, state, local. It's a crying shame."

"So Obama just said, 'You know what? We're not gonna run the risk of 100 million cancellations in small business before the election, so we're gonna delay the online enrollment, the website's mandatory enrollment for small business until after the elections next year.'"

"I don't know about you, but when I went to school the public school system had not been corrupted, at least not to the extent that it has been today, and I don't think at all, and even I did not get the full story of Thanksgiving when I was a kid."

"We're going to try have a little fun today as we always do, combined with everything we do here. The irreverent satirical sense of humor with the serious discussion of issues, with credibility from the host on both sides. It is very rare you find in major media today somebody that does both. You either have a comedian or you have somebody dead serious, but you don't have a combination of the two."

"Tomorrow (Thursday) on the program, what we're going to do is air just a portion, not nearly the whole thing, because the whole thing takes four and a half hours. But we are going to air a portion of the audio version of my latest standout best-seller, Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims."

"There aren't any real do-overs. When you've lost the day, you've lost the day. You don't get it back and you can't go to the bank and borrow another one. It's gone."

"What's exceptional about the United States of America is simply that the history of the world is one of tyranny and bondage, most people not having the freedom to say what they want, to do what they want, to own property, to enter into contracts. That stuff, it was foreign to everybody. Nobody even contemplated such things. Most people, from the beginning of time, most people had to spend all their waking moments on staying alive. We don't now. We have been liberated from the daily pursuits of finding food and staying alive and warding off attackers, but the primary point about American exceptionalism is that this is the first country that was created and enshrined formally with documents acknowledging the human spirit as created by God, as one that yearns to be free."

"I love Yogi Berra. I met Yogi Berra once at a golf tournament in an elevator. He was great. I think it was at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic that I met Yogi Berra. He was everything that you would want him to be. He was great."

"Americans have been propping up charities, creating charities, giving their time, giving their money to help those in need -- and we do it in record levels, and in record amounts. We are a giving nation."

"The number of people lifted out of poverty by capitalism in the course of the history of the world is incalculable."

"In less than 250 years, the United States became a military, economic superpower devoted to the concepts of freedom here and everywhere else around the world. We were the defenders of freedom. Our own and others. 


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