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Guest Host Mark Belling

Obamacare: It's Only Going to Get Worse

"Many people are now going to be on Medicaid.  Medicaid physicians are going to start shrinking. They're going to go away. Physician practices, hospitals, and clinics are going to either limit or eliminate the number of Medicaid patients that they take. This will result in tremendous waits for your physician." -Belling  

"I don't care how critical you were of Obamacare when it was passed. You have to admit it's worse than we thought it was going to be. Well, if it's worse than we think it's going to be, and we think it's going to be terrible, imagine how much worse it is than the Democrats and the left thinks it's going to be given the fact that they were fans of this thing in the first place!" -Belling 

RushLimbaugh.com: Obama Violates "Law of the Land," Delays Health Care Mandate on Small Businesses Until After Election

"This is a studious, purposeful, strategic effort to keep people from understanding what they're going to be hit with until after the election.  It's not mismanagement." -Rush

Who IS the Regime?

"Who is the White House chief of staff? You can't name him, can you? Hardly anybody can. Somehow the United States of America is being run by a bunch of kids who should be in junior achievement." -Belling

Irony of Obama Presidency: 1% Thrive; Everyone Else Sinks 

"The great irony of the Obama presidency is the person who so deeply resents the 1% and who says he cares so much about the people on the lower end --  the 1%'ers have thrived under him.  Real estate, stocks, those assets continue to inflate. Everybody else? We're just drifting along."  -Belling

"It's so bad that we wistfully reminisce about the presidency of Bill Clinton." -Belling

Cell Phones on Planes: Yay or Nay?

"It's very hard to exist sitting next to someone talking obnoxiously on a cell phone, especially in a plane. But we can't fall into the trap that liberals always fall into: 'There's a problem; government needs to solve it!' Government does not need to solve this. Let the airlines figure out it. Let the market figure it out -- and let us, in our own individual lives, figure it out." -Belling

"We did not draft a Constitution for this country to give the government of the United States the authority to walk onto planes and decide who should be talking or should not be talking." -Belling

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