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Morning Update: Show Papers!

The stuff hit the fan last month when seniors at Northwestern High in Prince George’s County, Maryland, were told what would be required to graduate this spring. The state assessment exam standards weren’t the problem. The senior dues weren’t the problem.

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NFL Honors Navajo Code Talkers -- at Redskins Game... More Blacks Dislike Term “African-American” Than Native Americans Dislike “Redskins"...Zucker Plans to Change CNN's Focus from News to Attitude...

El Rushbo Reemerges from Media Blackout

RUSH: I have been literally, purposefully out of touch.  And, in fact, I chose a place with rotten Internet so that I could not spend a lot of time doing what I normally do... It's an amazing transformative thing that happens to you when you do that.  I've done this before, and I've mentioned this before.  It has a totally transformative effect on your attitude and just things in general when you are not part of the daily grind.

Governor Christie Clears Up Everything

RUSH: Let me tell you why that Christie story hit people, folks.  It's because he did not support Cuccinelli in Virginia, remember?  Ken Cuccinelli, the conservative Republican gubernatorial candidate in Virginia, asked Christie to come in, and he wouldn't go.  So Fred Dicker has the story that he's not gonna support a Republican against Cuomo, and it had believability because of the past.

Drive-Bys Declare Website Fixed -- and Help the Hero of Their Story Rebrand Obamacare

RUSH: It's not about reality at all.  It's the game, the drama, the suspense.  "Can Obama convince people that it's working? Can Obama succeed in reversing these fortunes? Can Obama turn a website that was ill-performing into one that is passably acceptable by the American people?" They're just meaningless, worthless questions, and I'm sure Chuck thinks he did a great report there.

Lifelong Democrat Confronts Reality

CALLER: I don't know where I'm at right now.  I was a longtime Democrat.  I'm a union firefighter. My wife's a teacher. We have a child with a disability, and it all started back during the sequester. ... The government's taking more and more money from me, and they can't cut back?

Ohio Tea Partier Considers Vote Against Boehner

CALLER: There's a grassroots movement to vote him out in the May primary, and I wanted your advice and opinion on that for two reasons.  One, for when we get him out, and then, two, it would be a vital time to position someone much, much better into the House speaker's position, and I wondered who you would want to see in that position.


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