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NFL Honors Navajo Code Talkers -- at Redskins Game
RUSH: You want to hear something funny?  The Navajo code talkers, you know who they were?  They were instrumental to our victory in World War II.  They helped decode and foil the Japanese.  Navajo code talkers.  The NFL has been recently saluting the military, and so the Navajo code talkers were invited to an NFL game at, of all places, FedEx Field, where who plays games there?  The Washington Redskins.  The Navajo code talkers showed up in Washington Redskins jackets, as big fans.  And the Washington Post was outraged.  They were the first to pick it up. 

"As a joint celebration of the NFL’s Salute to Service month and Native American Heritage month, the Washington Redskins recognized four members of the Navajo Code Talkers Association. The code talkers were a group of Native American service members who transmitted secret communications beginning in World War II. Four representatives," and then their names show up. 

And then there's this.  "The ceremony," where the Navajo code talkers were honored wearing their Redskins jackets, "drew fire from liberal activists trying to change the name." And there you have it.  Liberal activists.  I know you and I know that, but the liberal activists want everybody to think that there's this massive groundswell of newly matured people who are outraged at the racism of the name Redskins, when in fact it's nothing more than a bunch of typical left-wing activist hacks who are trying to roil things up.  They are a distinct minority trying to manipulate and intimidate others into simply getting rid of a time-honored American tradition just because they don't like it.  And these liberal activists got angry that four representatives of the Navajo code talkers showed up wearing Redskins jackets. 

To me, this says really all that needs to be said.  I mean, there's nothing genuine. This is another soap opera.  Change the Redskins' name.  That's all it is is another soap opera.  There's nothing real behind this.  There's no real outrage.  It's all being manufactured, complete with the drama and the suspense, the villains, the heroes, except there aren't very many heroes.  It's all manufactured.  It's all made up.

More Blacks Dislike Term “African-American” Than Native Americans Dislike “Redskins"
RUSH: Did you see the poll?  You may have missed this.  There's a poll out there found that more blacks dislike the term African-American than Native Americans dislike the name Redskins.  Did you see that?  I kid you not.  I am not making this up.  I wouldn't lie.  I wouldn't get it wrong on purpose.  I never, ever do that.  There is a poll, more blacks dislike the term African-American than Native Americans who dislike the term "Redskins."  There's nothing real about this.  This is also a manufactured controversy. Liberal activists just trying to stoke things up.

Zucker Plans to Change CNN's Focus from News to Attitude
RUSH: CNN's Jeff Zucker.  This is the savior, the Today show, NBC, now at CNN, "Jeff Zucker plans to change CNN from a news network into a place with 'attitude.'"  I'm reading from the website Mediaite. "In an era when cable news is dominated by opinion programming, CNN staked out a position ostensibly in the middle by focusing primarily on broadcasting straight news over personality-driven programming. That is going to change."

Now, the first thing here: If these people at CNN really think that all they've been doing is broadcasting straight news, it's hopeless, if that's the basis for their change.  They haven't been broadcasting straight news.  They're just as left-wing as anybody else in the media, and they haven't been doing news.  They, too, are part of the daily soap opera that everybody thinks is the news.  But there isn't any news being reported. 

All there is, is a daily leftist agenda -- and whatever the items in the agenda are that day, that's what constitutes what you're told there's news about.  Pure and simple.  "CNN President Jeff Zucker recently told Capital New York that the straight newscast model is unsustainable." How does he know?  Nobody's doing it.  You know, I think, on this program, we do more straight news reporting than you will find combined on the three nightly newscasts and CNN. 

We do. 

Now, I also throw in my opinion in it, like Peter Jennings used to do.  But there's more straight news. I guarantee you, you in this audience -- and I love you -- are more informed about a wider variety of things happening in this country and world than you are if you only watch the nightly newscasts, because all you're getting on the nightly newscasts is the daily dose of whatever the liberal agenda is that day and so-called news stories that are associated with that agendas item that day, or those items. 

But there is no news anymore. 

So CNN has decided that straight news reporting doesn't work.  Well, it does.  It's why you listen to this program in part.  Here's a pull quote from Jeff Zucker.  "We're all regurgitating the same information. I want people to say, 'You know what? That was interesting. I hadn't thought of that.'" Well, that's exactly what happens to people who listen here.  "Oh, yeah?  I didn't know that."  A lot of people say, "Oh, gosh, you know, I hadn't thought of that."

But CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, you name it, they're all part of the daily media agenda of the left.  There isn't any news.  For 2-1/2 decades people's reaction to this program has been, "Wow, you know what?  That was interesting.  I hadn't thought of that."  I'm just kidding, folks.  I actually think there's more news, there's more information imparted here than you get at any of the nightly newscasts.  There's not even a contest, hands down. 

"We're all regurgitating the same information." Well, wait a minute, Jeff.  I thought you guys said you were doing straight news reporting.  So he knows what they're doing, even though they say that they staked out the middle ground of objective news reporting, he knows.  And why are they all reporting the same thing?  Why are they all regurgitating the same thing?  Because they're all part of the agenda.  They're all, at the end of the day, Democrats, leftists attempting to get their agenda rammed through.
Not by virtue of achieving popular support for it, by the way. 

That's not at all what they're about.  Take a look at their ratings.  Do you think they're about engendering popular support for the Democrat agenda?  No way.  They don't have the ratings to do that.  They're trying to ram through a Democrat agenda over the objections of a majority of people in this country.  They hide behind this banner that they are the news media, but they're not.  There isn't any news.  There's more news here. 

Sorry to be redundant, but I think it's a profound point.  When I come across a profundity, especially one of my own, I tend to repeat it.  So, anyway, "CNN's shakeup will focus on the prime time lineup, and could result in more half-hour programs." Well, we shoulda known. Their problem is they've been doing one-hour and two-hour shows.  Maybe I could learn a lesson and turn this show into a series of half-hour shows, see how it worked, or maybe just do a half hour every day and see how that helped.


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