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Kanye West Wants to be the "Obama of Clothing"

RUSH: Kanye West stopped by an Atlanta radio station, it's an Internet station, to chat, and he said that he wanted to be the "Obama of clothing." Kanye West.  Now, what does that mean?  Oh, come on, you know what that means.  What it means is, he wants a law that forces people to buy his clothes.  What else could he mean?  He wants to be the Obama of clothing?  What does Obama do?  He rips the country.

Bashir Resigns from MSNBC

RUSH: We have flash news out there. Martin Bashir has just resigned from MSNBC, and here's part of his statement that was sent via e-mail. "After making an on-air apology, I asked for permission to take some additional time out around the Thanksgiving holiday.Upon further reflection, and after meeting with the President of MSNBC, I have tendered my resignation.

"It is my sincere hope that all of my colleagues, at this special network, will be allowed to focus on the issues that matter without the distraction of myself or my ill-judged comments." Now, he goes on, but that's the gist of it. It was posted at Mediaite where the liberals are saying that they're very proud of him, that he did the right thing (like he had a choice). You know what I bet? I bet you that Martin Bashir and Alec Baldwin end up at Al Jazeera -- ha-ha -- before it's all said and done. Ha-ha.

CNN and MSNBC Lose Half of Viewers in One Year

RUSH: Data released yesterday show CNN and MSNBC have both lost almost half of their viewers in one year.  CNN is down 48% total viewers since last November.  MSNBC is down 45%.  In the all-important, precious 25 to 54 demographic, CNN's down 59%, MSNBC 52%.  I don't know how they got anybody left, because it's been this way for the longest time.  There's nobody watching these networks, by all comparisons.  I mean, the audiences are so small.  Gee.


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