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Media Rewrites the Script to Distract from the Elephant in the Newsroom

RUSH: Thirty-six hours ago the whole notion of income inequality -- in terms of what's being talked about in Washington, what's on people's minds and what to tackle next as an issue, nobody was thinking about it.  And the minimum wage, nobody.  All of a sudden Obama, our hero/villain, needs a change of subject.  So they go to the writers. They went to the writers and said, "We need to change the script.  We're losing audience here with our primary attraction, Obamacare." 

I Won't Play Villain in the Pope Soap

RUSH: I am not gonna let them turn me into a black-hatted character. I'm just not gonna do it, 'cause it's all made up. This anger, this outrage, it's all phony.  I mean, you've got people who themselves hate the Catholic Church but, all of a sudden, now having to weigh in:  "Well, who do we hate more, Limbaugh or the Catholic Church?" They decided me. 

No Law Can Increase Your Worth to a Company

RUSH:  There is nothing else that determines your value to a corporation or company than your ability to grow their income, bottom line... How do you get a raise?  You don't do it by demanding it. You certainly don't do it with fairness. You don't appeal for compassion. You don't ask the government for a raise in the minimum wage.


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